3 Tips to Design Attractive & Functional Eyelash Boxes on a Budget

Adequate packaging is a self-confined and effective advertising mechanism. It’s a mix of a marketing department, salesman, a company representative, newspaper, radio jingle, and a 30 second TV ad that presents your products in the retail environment. It independently delivers its value and seals the deal for businesses. This is a remarkable feat because a package is deprived of thoughts, speech, and movement. 

Good packaging design greatly aids in branding and marketing department, which plays a pivotal role in securing success. Quality packaging doesn’t mean you should wrap your product in a shiny, decorated piece of paper. For customers, the first impression is the key to buying or leaving a product on the shelf. So make sure to create a memorable image with your product packaging because customers see your package design as soon as you launch it in the marketing department. 

Now that you have gained a good understanding of what product packaging is let’s dig deep to figure out how you can design eyelash boxes for a cosmetic brand. This is where things took a big turn because you are about to create a package for a specialized cosmetic item that should display all the vital information and sway the onlookers to buy the eyelashes. 

Don’t fret. This isn’t something you cannot achieve. By following these tips, you can create winning custom eyelash packaging on a budget.  

Know the Number of Packaging Layers 

Based on the attributes of your false eyelashes, determine the number of packaging layers it should boast. In general, packaging layers are segregated into three types. 

The first is the inner packaging that safely snugs the product and keeps it nestled in the secondary packaging which makes the first impression memorable. This could be another container, bag, or a casing. Then, there are packaging elements such as tags, labels, gift boxes, and wrappers. All these elements further allow you to elevate the customer experience by presenting the brand message and product unusually. 

Pick the Best Eyelash Boxes for your Product

Choosing between a plastic casing or sustainable packaging type may not seem to be a challenging task, but there are times when things get more complicated then what they seem at first. Before you reach a decision, identify the best type of eyelash boxes for your product. But this depends on several factors and various attributes of the product you want to package. Bearing those attributes in mind is the most important thing.  

For instance, you cannot pack fruit juice in a box and chocolates in glass bottles because it won’t be easy for customers to store and access them. The other most crucial factor you need to take into account is the budget. And to set a budget for sourcing the custom eyelashes boxes, you should finalize the volume of packs to encase the products. Generally speaking, the budget for custom eyelash packaging is lower than the cost you incur on product manufacturing.   

Now come up with ways to design an attractive and functional eyelash boxes wholesale supply you can afford within that budget. Also, your packaging should be different from the competitors so it can stand out on the store shelves.  

Use an Eye-catching Design for your Packaging 

Once you have finalized the type and layers of your eyelash boxes, it’s time to find a professional designer or engage a packaging firm in the US that offers free design services. Choosing the free service over a skilled designer doesn’t mean you won’t get the desired design. Companies like The Legacy Printing have mastered this art and are relentlessly helping clients design killer packaging boxes.  

Best of all, free service will significantly lower your overall packaging costs and time, allowing you to save more money and get the best design without sweating up much. 

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