35 Ideal Frightening movies horror to View Today– If You Dare

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Written By Sahil Kumar

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The best scary flicks extend years as well as themes, but they all have one thing alike: the ability to tap into your deepest anxieties. Good scary motion pictures are so distressing to enjoy since they play movies horror out the really points you would certainly most like to avoid in the real world. Vampires? Would not want to fulfill one! A haunted house? No many thanks. A twisted serial awesome who simply won’t quit? Yeah, that’s a difficult pass from me.

And yet! I love a scary tale, particularly horror flicks with women leads. There’s something cathartic about encountering these horrors from the safety and security of your sofa. Paranormal flicks are actually fun when you understand your own home isn’t haunted, you know?

I have actually shared a few of my faves, listed below, and also asked my fellow Beauty staffers regarding the most frightening scary movies horror they have actually ever watched as well. The outcomes were entertaining, to claim the least. They additionally provided me some new scary movies horror to contribute to my line– ends up, a few of the very best terrifying flicks are on Netflix as well as other streaming solutions.

Prepared to see the most frightening motion picture ever? Turn the lights off, order your popcorn, and also prepare yourself to be spooked with these Halloween flicks.

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Catastrophe Girls (2017 )

If you like the dark humor of Heathers and also are alright with seeing gore, I very advise Disaster Girls. This comedy-horror film celebrities Alexandra Shipp as well as Brianna Hildebrand as 2 high school seniors that run a true-crime blog. When a serial awesome begins tracking their tiny Midwestern town, they determine to use him as the fall guy while they dedicate the murders themselves in order to acquire more followers.

Paranormal Task (2007 )

Paranormal Task is not groundbreaking– it’s your basic haunted residence story, and also certainly not the very first scary motion picture to utilize the found-footage framework– but it is effective. The motion picture makes a lot out of a small budget (believe flickering lights, doors slamming, and so on), a lot to ensure that it generated a series of sequels that are just as spine-tingling. There’s nothing rather like the initial, though.

The Babadook (2013 )

” A difficult and also scary allegory for parenthood and also loss, The Babadook is meant for several viewings,” states Prestige contributor Madeline Hirsch. “The acting from the small Aussie cast is outstanding, and also this film beast is among the all-time greats. Plus, in the years given that its launch, the Babadook has emerged as a LGBTQ+ hero– we stan a queer icon!”

Climax (2018 )

” Who does not love a good dancing event?! Apparently the designer of Orgasm, since this motion picture regarding a dance-troupe rave gone wrong is next-level troubling,” says Hirsch about this Gaspar Noé scary film. “Looter alert: Come for the opening dance sequence, remain to find out that surged the punch.”

It Adheres To (2014 )

As Hirsch states, “It Complies with is 90% feel, which is why this horror masterpiece is at the top of my checklist. Set in the contemporary damages of country Detroit, the movie’s soundtrack, technology anachronisms (what is that strange seashell Hand Pilot?), constant cloud cover, as well as not-quite-but-almost- ’80s outfits are simply ‘off’ enough to develop a whole mood of impending doom. I guarantee this movies horror will leave you completely scared but unable identify specifically what frightened you a lot.”

The Witch (2015 )

” Puritans, hellish routines, an absolutely cursed goat … demand I go on?” Hirsch says concerning this duration item starring Anya Taylor-Joy. “The Witch’s alarm element is off the charts.”

The Excellence (2019 )

It’s finest to not know way too much regarding The Excellence entering due to the fact that the plot spin in this psychological horror movies horror is wild. Yet below’s a fundamental, spoiler-free summary: Logan Browning and Allison Williams are two talented cellists that participated in the exact same elite institution for music. When they ultimately meet, disorder takes place.

The Conjuring (2013 )

The Conjuring is a classic take on the haunted residence movies horror, however director James Wan raises it by counting on old-school techniques rather than over-the-top special effects. The film, based on a real-life case of paranormal investigators Ed and also Lorraine Warren, was so successful that it spawned numerous sequels as well as spin-offs.

Allow the Right One In (2008 )

” I’m automatically frightened when I begin viewing a Swedish scary film, or any type of Swedish movie as a whole,” says factor Khaliha Hawkins concerning this story of a harassed kid that befriends a vampire. “However what makes this motion picture scary is how disturbing it is. You’re left thinking about it for hrs after it mores than. Plus, 2 silent and creepy-looking youngsters don’t assist.”

Host (2020 )

In 2020 there was a great deal to be scared around– however I place that anxiousness right into seeing Shudder’s Host. Less than an hour long, the whole point takes place over one very unfortunate Zoom conference. Anticipate a great deal of jump scares and also the sudden desire to never ever accept an additional video clip seminar welcome again

The Blair Witch Task (1999 )

I saw The Blair Witch Task under the worst of conditions: alone, in the evening, and probably method as well young to be watching. Why I, a kid who was barely old enough to stay at home without a babysitter, thought watching a movie about a mysterious witch was a good idea, I’ll never know. The experience was so terrifying, I’m surprised I ever watched another horror movie again.

Halloween (2018 )

When Glamour contributor Elizabeth Logan reviewed the 2018 Halloween reboot starring Jamie Lee Curtis and Judy Greer, she summed it up perfectly when she wrote, “This movie takes place on Halloween, but I ‘d consider watching it on Mother’s Day. It’s a tribute to the many ironies of the mother-daughter relationship. Moms are so annoying! They give you all their issues; they’re often critical, smothering, guilt-tripping, and basically screw you up no matter what. But if you’ve got a good one, she won’t let anyone else mess with you at all. There are no answers when it comes to the why or the how of Michael, of evil, of pain. There’s only an answer to the question of what are we going to do about it. And that answer is: fight. And call your mom.” Halloween (2018 )

When Glamour contributor Elizabeth Logan reviewed the 2018 Halloween reboot starring Jamie Lee Curtis and Judy Greer, she summed it up perfectly when she wrote, “This movie takes place on Halloween, but I ‘d consider watching it on Mother’s Day. It’s a tribute to the many ironies of the mother-daughter relationship. Moms are so annoying! They give you all their issues; they’re often critical, smothering, guilt-tripping, and basically screw you up no matter what. But if you’ve got a good one, she won’t let anyone else mess with you at all. There are no answers when it comes to the why or the how of Michael, of evil, of pain. There’s only an answer to the question of what are we going to do about it. And that answer is: fight. And call your mom.”

Midsommar (2019 )

Beauty writer Bella Cacciatore says of Midsommar, a film about the danger of fuckboys starring Florence Pugh and directed by horror master Ari Aster, “I hate scary movies horror (I’m a baby) but caved and watched Midsommar thanks to all the hype. It’s not terrifying in the traditional sense– aside from one scene, there’s minimal blood and jump scares– but it is extremely unsettling. The soundtrack is stressful as hell, and the realistic horror of a family tragedy that underscores the whole film is even scarier than the rest of the plot. I still thought of new Easter eggs and references from it, even a year after watching it.”

Hereditary (2018 )

Speaking of Ari Aster, his feature film debut, Hereditary, is a haunting tale about grief, mental illness, and inherited trauma. If you have even an inkling of mommy issues, this horror movie starring Toni Collette will hit you hard.

Imagine if you had a doppelgänger who spent their entire life underground fantasizing about killing you so they can take your place. Yeah, scary! Written and directed by Get Out visionary Jordan Peele, this horror film is a terrifying look into the darkest corners of the human mind.

Suspiria (2018 )

On the surface you might think Suspiria is another dark ballet tale in the vein of Black Swan. And while the two movies horror do share similar elements– a young ingenue entering the cutthroat world of dance– this film starring Dakota Johnson and Mia Goth contains a hell of a lot more gore. And witches!

The Strangers (2008 )

Says Glamour contributing writer Abby Gardner, “I don’t know that I’ve ever been as terrified in a movie theater as I was watching the home-invasion horror-thriller The Strangers, starring Liv Tyler and Scott Speedman. My chest tightens and my jaw clenches now just thinking about it– I think partially because it feels as if it could happen to anyone. I dare you to watch and not have the line ‘Because you were home’ haunt you forever.”

It Comes at Night (2017 )

It Comes at Night also made Glamour’s list of the best pandemic movies horror, a subgenre that started trending in March 2020 perhaps as a way to cope with the state of the world. Carmen Ejogo, Joel Edgerton, and Kelvin Harrison Jr. are all brilliant in this chilling film about a family who seclude themselves deep in the woods away from a mysterious disease.

t (2017 )

Associate editor Ru Wolle told me she ‘d pick It for her favorite scary movie because, well, “it really wasn’t that scary.” The film, based on Stephen King’s 1986 novel of the same name, does have several terrifying scenes, though. After all, it’s about an entity that feeds on the characters’ darkest fears.

Final Destination 3 (2006 )

” There are entirely too many Final Destination movies horror, but FD3 is the reason I will never set foot anywhere near a tanning bed,” Emily Tannenbaum, contributing writer, says. “Really, these movies horror were all about finding the most excruciating, bonkers ways to kill young hots, and I can not watch them without closing my eyes for 90% of the action.”

The Exorcist (1973 )

Wolle saw this movie with her older siblings when she was six years old, so it understandably left an impact. “For its time, the ’70s, the set pieces were done so well that everything was believable, and I get scared the most when a movie feels realistic,” she says. “The exorcism scene was completely gross.”

Magic (1978 )

Contributor Brionna Jimerson was quick to suggest Magic, a 1970s thriller starring Anthony Hopkins, for this list. “He plays a ventriloquist whose dummy suddenly picks up a habit of murdering people,” she explains. “It’s scary because it’s pre– Silence of the Lambs Hopkins, and the jump takes really hold up. It gets psychological and creepy really fast.”

From Dusk Till Dawn (1996 )

From Dusk Till Dawn is not without its problematic moments– the Robert Rodriguez film was written by Quentin Tarantino, if that gives you any idea– but the women at the center of the movie are the best part. Juliette Lewis plays a teen whose family is taken hostage by two criminals (Tarantino, George Clooney); as if that wasn’t stressful enough, things take a massive turn when the group meets Salma Hayek’s character, Santanico Pandemonium, who turns out to be a blood-thirsty vampire.

The Invisible Man (2020 )

” This was the last film I saw out when the world was ‘normal,’ and it was a good one,” Christopher Rosa, entertainment editor, says of this Elizabeth Moss remake. “A well-crafted metaphor about gaslighting, the movie follows a woman (Moss) who believes her abusive, tech-maestro boyfriend is stalking her even though he allegedly died by suicide. Her logic? He’s still alive and has managed to become invisible. But is she right? You’ll have a spooky time finding out.”

Get Out (2017 )

” Get Out felt eerily relevant to the current times and made me imagine an alternative universe where people forget who they are and where they come from– falling victim to evil tricksters who will suck all their goodness and talent out of them and leave them for dead,” says Erin Parker, contributing writer. “When Allison Williams (spoiler!) finally revealed she was the enemy all along, it brought on that perfect moment of truth that all thrillers have– where everything you knew to be true shatters and falls by the wayside and you’re left grasping for what’s real.”

The Ring (2002 )

” I watched like 10 minutes of The Ring in high school on Halloween with my friends and was SO scared that my friend and I ran into the bathroom and spent the entire length of the movie straightening her hair until our other friends finished it,” Caitlin Brody, entertainment director at Condé Nast, remembers. “She had really thick hair, so it took the length of the movie!”

Insidious (2010 )

” I stand firm in my belief that Rose Byrne is one of the greatest working actors,” Rosa says. “And Insidious is my biggest piece of evidence. She is devastating and nuanced as the mother of a boy whose mind has left his body and entered a disturbing, terrifying other-realm. That bloody face pop-out scare? I still get chills thinking about it. Four months later, Byrne starred as Helen in the comedy classic Bridesmaids, further showcasing her impressive range.”

Parasite (2019 )

Parasite doesn’t have as many jump scares as, say, The Conjuring, but it will still haunt you long after you watch. “The most horrifying thing is that no matter how awful and violent the characters are to each other, the movie is constantly suggesting that you, the viewer, are just as bad,” staff writer Jenny Singer explains. “Also, it has one of the most high-stakes will-they-get-caught scenes I’ve ever seen. I had to close my eyes and have my friend calmly tell me what was happening for a lot of it.”

The Invitation (2015 )

” The Invitation is a hidden gem of a horror movie,” Rosa says of this Karyn Kusama– directed indie. “The plot is simple but effective: Guests gather for a dinner party, and as the night goes on, they start to wonder if the hosts have ulterior motives. You truly do not know the answer until the very end– and let me tell you, the payoff is satisfying.”

Antebellum (2020 )

Filming a psychological thriller as intense as Antebellum seems like it might be difficult. But when Radloff interviewed Kiersey Clemons about her role in the film, the actor said it was cathartic, in a way. “I can take all my paranoia or anxious thoughts and project them into whatever I’m watching or playing,” she said. “It distracts me from the horrors of real life.”

Jaws (1975 )

Rosa cites Jaws as the scariest horror movie of all time. “The 1975 shark epic isn’t ripe with jump scares or disturbing imagery,” he says. “But the horror lies in what you don’t see. Two notes on a piano signal the deadliest kind of fright lurking underneath the water, yet you don’t actually see it until midway through the film. If that isn’t effective horror, I’m not sure what is.” I’m convinced.

Ma (2019 )

While critics were mixed on Ma, the internet has spoken and declared it a classic. The psychological horror film stars Oscar-nominated Octavia Spencer as a lonely middle-aged woman who befriends– and then terrorizes– a group of teens.

What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? (1962 )

Of course this movie had to make the list. “What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? is as much a social commentary about women in Hollywood as it is classic horror,” explains Rosa. “The film stars Joan Crawford and Bette Davis, two actual rivals whom the biz had more or less discarded. But Baby Jane revived their careers, pitting them as sisters withering away inside a creaky old mansion, torturing each other. That’s scary, yes– but even more so is the art-imitating-industry aspect. The fact the only lucrative gig for an actress over 50 at that time was ‘grotesque spinster’ is ridiculous.”

Candyman (2021 )

The original Candyman from 1992 is worth a scary-movie-night watch, but you don’t need to see it in order to appreciate the 2021 reboot. “Elevating a film that’s been crowned a cult classic is imaginably a tricky dance,” Glamour contributor Tanya Christian wrote in her review of the latter. “Followers expect storytelling that’s creative and captivating while still relying on the core elements that made the original work so enchanting in the first place. And while not all filmmakers get it right, Nia DaCosta, alongside Jordan Peele and Win Rosenfeld, performs this two-step rather brilliantly in the new incarnation of Candyman.”

The Shining (1980 )

Parker says she actually watches The Shining almost yearly to get fall-winter fashion inspiration. “Shelley Duvall’s cozy ‘fits are pure ’70s perfection– but it’s Jack Nicholson’s maniacal facial expressions that really haunt you at night. The idea of not knowing who you’re sleeping next to, that they could slowly slip into another cursed dimension where you’re suddenly their prey, is unnerving to say the least.”

Orphan (2009 )

Parker picked this one for its wild plot twist. Spoiler warning: “I could not stop screaming in shock and terror when the little adopted girl revealed she was actually a twisted GROWN woman there to fuck up that whole entire family,” she says. “And the fact that a real-life Orphan scenario was actually alleged in 2019 certainly doesn’t help me get over this bone-chilling story.”

The Wizard of Oz (1939 )

While The Wizard of Oz wasn’t made with the intention of being a scary movie, multiple staffers at Glamour cite it as such. “It traumatized me as a kid, and I have no desire to get over it and watch it as an adult,” Jessica Radloff, West Coast editor, says. “I won’t speak of it, I will turn away if I see photos or clips of it, and even talking about it here is not easy. No joke.”

Says Kimberly Fusaro, director of brand marketing: “I’ve hated horror movies horror since my youth, when I slept with the light on for a full month after The Wizard of Oz.”

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