4 Great Business Ideas for Healthcare Professionals

Healthcare professionals are often unaware of how powerful and valuable their skillset and expertise are. There are so many different business opportunities open to administrators, nurses, and physicians, and you could turn your expertise into a full-time or part-time business. Some of these businesses require a significant investment, but you could also start a healthcare-related business on a shoestring budget. If you’ve been working in the field for a while, this could be a way to move to a bigger, greater role, get paid more, and become independent. Let’s take a few business ideas healthcare professionals should consider.

Become a Healthcare Consultant

Healthcare organizations around this country and the world are looking for solutions to their problems. Some may want to run their organizations more efficiently, others may want to integrate new technologies but don’t know how, while others might have issues with managing their staff. This is where healthcare consultants come in.

As a healthcare consultant, you might be asked to work in different settings and with different people. Some consultants may work directly with staff workers, while others will be asked to work only with executives. In most cases, consultants are brought in to help organizations reach certain business goals and set actionable benchmarks.

This is a great option for people working as administrators or nurses who are ready to take on a bigger role. Administrators can move into a consultant role pretty quickly, but if you’re a nurse, you have to be ready to get the credentials.

You will need to get a bachelor’s at the very least if you want to become a consultant, but you’ll have a much better chance if you get something like an executive Master of Health Administration. This degree could also be a good option for existing consultants who want to specialize themselves even further.

Schools like the University of Ottawa have executive MHA programs online that you could complete from the comfort of your home while you keep your current job. This is a great way to integrate new skills and the program will give you all the tools you need to help organizations at multiple levels.

You should also make sure that you have the skills necessary for this job before you think about getting credentials. If you don’t have great problem-solving skills and the communication skills needed to present solutions in an easily understandable way, you won’t be able to make it in this business. You need to have great analytical skills, attention to detail, and great interpersonal skills as well.

Health Blogger

Blogging is probably the easiest business you can start as a healthcare professional. You can speak about your life as a nurse, or about various treatments and advancements in the field of healthcare. Alternatively, you could provide a resource for aspiring physicians and nurses.

The biggest challenge when running a blog is finding ways to monetize it. If you want to make money, you’ll have to use more than just ads. You’ll have to learn how to make money through affiliate marketing, email marketing, and other methods like lead marketing too. Some bloggers, for instance, will partner up with schools in the area and get a percentage every time someone fills a form on their website. This could be a great way to make money if you target the right audience and manage to get traction.

If you’re worried about not having the skills necessary to write a blog or knowing what to write about, know that everything comes with practice and that you can use other blogs for inspiration. The most important part is starting. It doesn’t matter if you fail at the beginning as you can always start over and learn from your mistakes.

If you want your blog to get attention, you’ll need to follow other popular healthcare-related blogs. You can then start participating in discussions and hopefully get the attention of the owner. From then on, it’s all about fostering a relationship with them and seeing if there could be some guest blogging opportunities.

Product Creation

You as a healthcare professional also have inside information on what products and tools are in demand at the moment. This could give you the chance to manufacture your own product. You could create a sensor that helps people with diabetes monitor their sugar levels more conveniently, for instance, or create a tool that could help people pay attention to bad habits like low activity levels or bad posture. You could also get into the supplement business.

Having close knowledge of the human body and expertise could help you be more credible as a salesperson and help you create supplements that are backed by science. The best thing is that you don’t even need to handle the manufacturing process yourself. There are plenty of white label services that will help you create your formula, brand it, and ship it directly to your customers and/or suppliers.

You don’t necessarily have to create a physical product either. You could create a massively successful app if you target the right niche. So, look at all the options that are available and see if there is some unmet need you could fulfill with a great product.

Medical Equipment or Pharmaceutical Sales Rep

If you don’t feel like making your own products, you could always sell them instead. Medical equipment and pharmaceutical companies are constantly looking for reps with experience to sell products for them. Again, your knowledge of the business will give you an edge when selling to people, and you could make good money through commissions. If you have always wanted to set your hours and have a natural talent for selling, then you should consider the options.

If you’d love to enjoy more freedom and feel like you have what it takes to be an entrepreneur, we strongly suggest that you give these few options a look. This could give you the chance to move to a more fulfilling role and make more money than you’ve ever made in your career.

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