5 Main Roles of Financial Managers

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“No man is an island” This famous quotation is not just applicable to our regular lives but also in the life of those people who are involved in derivative trading such as CFDs. As a matter of fact, there are so many instances when derivatives traders need pieces of advice to help them. If a trader is in need of an opinion regarding his trading decisions, a trading coach can do the job. When it comes to money matters and account management, financial managers are the best people to run to. In this article, we will provide you a run down on the main functions including the importance of Financial Managers. 

1.Fund Raiser

As someone who takes care of your assets, financial managers should be loaded with strategies that can help you gain more funds in your account. When trading with derivatives, financial managers should help traders on decisions between debt and equity to raise money for the trade.

2. Funds Distributor

Derivatives trading allows multiple trading with the use of a single account. Financial managers therefore help traders  in the allocation of their funds in a way that it becomes advantageous to them. Financial managers should be well versed in the identification of potential merchandise that can be dealt via long term or short term position.

3.  Planner of Profits

CFDs are traded via leverage so it is very important for a financial manager to provide a good background to the client in terms of multiplying their profit. When leveraging, the manager should know how to identify factors that affect the pricing of a particular merchandise in the market. These factors include pricing, industry competition, state of the economy, mechanism of demand and supply, cost and output. When analyzed properly, a financial manager should be able to calculate the expenses of entering every opportunity and cross check if there will still be funds left for future use in the account. 

4. Supervision

Financial managers also supervise incoming and outgoing outputs in the account. Consequently, he makes a report regarding these matters so the trader would be updated on the current status of the account. Additionally, he gives his analysis and suggestions in order to maintain the profitability of a particular trading account. 

5. Tool Coach

As someone who is expert in the manipulation of trading tools. A financial manager should provide insights on the proper usage and advantages of various trading tools so the trader would have an idea on how things work in his chosen platform.


Using the above-mentioned roles of a financial manager,  we can derive that newbie or newly switched traders would have a better trading experience with the help of financial managers. These managers are indeed helpful in terms of reporting, supervising, accounting, analyzing, and planning tasks. Apart from these jobs, they can also serve as great mentors for trading techniques and strategies as well as trading tool manipulation. Overall, financial managers are trusted individuals who can act as traders in various markets on your behalf.

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