5 Major Applications of Machine Learning

The continuous improvement in technology is benefitting humankind in several ways. Two of the most significant technological advancements are artificial intelligence and machines learning. The technologies are used interchangeably; however, there are many differences between them. Artificial intelligence works on pre-defined algorithms but machine learning (a part of AI) learns from its experiences. 

The article throws light on how machines learning is used in different industries. But before moving to that, let’s look over the definition of machine learning. 

What is machine learning?

Machine learning is a subset of artificial intelligence that offers a system the ability to automatically learn and improve through experience without programming for the same. The technology develops computer programs, which are capable of accessing data or information from the web to use it to provide various outcomes. 

Applications of machine learning in various fields 

  • ML in data analytics 
  • ML in virtual personal assistants
  • ML in social media
  • ML in cybersecurity
  • ML in speech and image recognition 

Let’s learn in detail how machines learning is used in

Data analytics

Every company wants to fulfill its customers’ expectations to deliver excellent customer experience and stay ahead of their competitors. To achieve this, the company must have a thorough understanding of what customers demand. With data analytics, machine learning helps in understanding the deeper picture of customers’ needs by collecting data from the web, fetching constructive insights out of it, and providing it comprehensively.  

ML uses clustering algorithms for collecting data, classification algorithms for segregating it, and dimensionally reduction alogs to visualize the collected data. ML-based data analytics is helpful for almost all the industries to plan sales and operations, analyze products, segment audiences, and market or content research. 

Online personal assistants 

Virtual personal assistants, like Siri, Alexa, and Google, provide us the required information merely by a voice-command. These online assistants also utilize machines learning technology to look out the web for the information and provide it in the most relevant way. The way it presents information is also based on your previous interaction with the assistant. These ML-based virtual assistants are integrated into smartphones, mobile applications, smart speakers, and many other devices. 

Social media 

 Machine learning plays a pivotal role in the social media field. Besides helping businesses to improve ad targeting, ML personalizes your news feed based on what you like. Therefore, it collects the data (your interests or the information about the pages you like), bring out useful information (type of data), and displays you similar feeds (videos, images, and other content). 

Facebook showing you “People You May Know” or “Videos You May Like” is the result of machine learning. The technology also enables social media platforms to recognize faces and suggest users for tagging friends. 


Machine learning when integrated into your online security software or programs assist in identifying spam emails or malware filtering. It can also make the security software to alert and prevent cybersecurity attacks on your system. 

The technology is also capable of tracking online monetary frauds. PayPal uses machine learning to stop money laundering. It can help in differentiating between legitimate and illegitimate transactions. 

Image and speech recognition 

Image and speech recognition is also one of the biggest applications of machine learning. It is mainly used in self-driving cars and helps smooth driving by recognizing objects, places, people, and more. Search by voice feature available in various application uses machine learning as the primary technology behind the service. 

Apart from this, other uses of machine learning include product recommendations for e-commerce websites, refining results for search engines, and offering automated customer support services.

Types of machine learning models

Three prime models of machine learning are:

  • Supervised learning
  • Unsupervised learning
  • Reinforcement learning 

How to build ML-based mobile applications?

To build mobile apps leveraging ML, AI, and other similar technologies, you need to contact an ML app development company. A reliable and experienced machine learning Development Company will ask for your particular app requirements before beginning with the development process. Generally, the most common process followed by machine learning app development companies includes:

  • Identifying the tasks and requirements 
  • Finding out the project feasibility
  • Deciding on the general ML models tradeoffs
  • Write the code
  • Test and evaluate
  • Deployment 

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Final Words

ML or machine learning is not a new name in the world of technology. We use it one or the other way in our day-to-day lives. The technology automatically learns and improves through past experiences without being programmed by professionals. To be precise, it collects data from various web sources, take important information out of it, and use it to build various algorithms that are used in various programs. 

This article highlights the top applications of machines learning in different sectors. If you want to know about them, read the article. In case, if you want to build an application or software using ML, then reach to an ML development company or hire ML developers. Make sure you choose the one after researching thoroughly and checking out the portfolio of the company. 

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