6 Reasons Why PR is a Great Career Choice

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Written By Sahil Kumar

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Whether you have recently left high school, are in college studying for a degree, or are considering a career change in the near future, public relations can be a great choice to consider. Working in public relations is an ideal career path for anybody who likes the idea of work that can be challenging, fast-paced, and demanding while allowing you to make the most of your ambition and drive. Here are some of the top reasons to consider getting into a career in public relations. 

High Demand

Right now, PR is a field that’s in high demand and it’s very likely to stay this way for many years, as it becomes even more important for a wide range of organizations to improve and maintain their public image. Due to this, getting an online public relations degree from SBU can lead to many different opportunities. There are lots of different roles in public relations to consider, and when you have the right knowledge, skills, and expertise, your knowledge will be highly sought after. More and more businesses are struggling to do it alone in the current climate, and this is where PR professionals come in to help build businesses back up by improving their public relationships and reputation. 

Career Advancement

In PR, it’s definitely possible to move up the ranks and advance your career with the right amount of work and dedication. Some PR agencies will require you to have a degree to work for them, but many also offer entry-level positions and internships with the opportunity to work and learn at the same time. Once you have gained the high level of experience, knowledge, and skills that you need, there are various high-level PR positions to consider getting into such as a PR director, where you could be earning a generous salary of between $40-100k per year. If you are an ambitious individual with plans to get as far as possible in any career that you choose, working in PR could offer the perfect opportunity for you. 

Work Variety

A career in PR certainly does not have to be boring. Along with a lot of variety in your day-to-day work due to working alongside different businesses and industries, the long-term can also provide you with various different opportunities to work in different settings. PR is an industry with a lot of different role types to consider whether you are working for an agency, freelancing, running your own business, or working for a company in-house. 

PR Specialisms

There are several different options to consider when it comes to the type of PR work that you choose to do. For example, you could work for a PR agency that helps a wide variety of different clients with public relations, or you could work for a specialist agency that focuses on helping certain types of businesses or working with businesses that are going through specific problems. If there’s an area that you are particularly interested in or feel especially passionate about, this could help you take your career in PR even further. From technology PR to health and beauty PR, there are a lot of options for you to incorporate your interests, passions, and even your hobbies into your role. And, when you are passionate about and highly knowledgeable about the industries you’re working in, this will only help you build your career even further. 


One of the biggest perks of working in PR is the opportunity to promote and even help to plan events for your clients. Many businesses will plan a wide range of different events including charity balls, networking events, sports events, competitions, performances, and many more to help improve their company image, advertise their brand, or raise money for a cause. A career in PR gives you the chance to not only get involved with planning these events, but you’ll also usually be able to attend them, which can be a huge perk of this job. While you’ll be attending for PR work so that you can report on the event afterward and use it to the benefit of the business, you’ll also get to enjoy yourself at the event and make the most of being able to attend it for free. 

Social Life

If you are an extroverted, people person who enjoys meeting others and building relationships, you will be glad to hear that this is a large part of the job. In a PR career, you will be tasked with building and maintaining relationships with the right individuals, making this a great career choice for sociable people who enjoy meeting people from all walks of life. In recent times, social media has begun to play a large part in almost every PR campaign and strategy, so if you’re already somebody who uses social media a lot, you’ll fit into a PR career very well. 

The Most Important Skills for Working in Public Relations

If you’ve decided that a career in PR is the right choice for you, then it’s a wise idea to make sure that you understand the most important skills you will need to succeed in this role. Traditional PR skills such as media relations and compelling written communication skills are always going to be valuable, however, technological advancements have led to additional digital skills becoming more and more sought after in the world of PR today. 

Within an organization, PR will typically fall under the departments of marketing and communications. The main role of PR is to shape the public opinion and reputation of a business, and sometimes, it can be used to change this opinion completely. When building your PR skills to boost your future career, it’s important to keep the main goal of PR in mind, which is to create and maintain a positive public image for organizations. 


A PR professional needs to be able to communicate in an effective and captivating way. PR is often responsible for all the communications that are put out about a client from magazine articles and blog posts to press releases. The content needs to appeal to the reader and be prepared and designed to appear in publications and venues that are not owned by the client. It must communicate the needs of the client in an engaging and compelling way while remaining in line with the publisher. 

Social Media

Today, social media has become one of the most valuable PR tools. Any PR professional needs to embrace social media and the huge impact that it can have when shaping the opinions and reputation of any company or organization. To work in PR, you will need to be familiar with all current forms of social media and able to keep up to date with social media changes and new platforms that are developed and launched. Each social media platform often calls for a different PR strategy since they are all different in terms of how they function and the audiences that they appeal to the most, making some platforms more suitable to different messages compared to others. A good PR professional will be able to make the decision of which platform to use for any message and is able to use each platform to its fullest potential. 

Multicultural Perspective

Broadening their perspective and having an open mind is something that any PR professional needs to get good at. A multicultural and international perspective is something that starts out by simply recognizing that people all think differently. For example, behavioral standards, traditions, norms, and more will vary depending on the culture, and what works well for one audience might not have the same effect on another. A good PR professional is able to appreciate and anticipate these differences and is dedicated to researching their audience to determine the best way to approach them. 


A PR professional will often find themselves working with a wide variety of clients in a range of different fields. Because of this, they need to be strong researchers in order to ensure that all of their clients are served well. They need to be dedicated to spending time finding out as much as possible about their client’s brand, market, and industry as quickly as possible. 

Creative Thinking

To capture attention, a PR professional often needs to be creative, bold, and able to think outside the box. While this does not equate to breaking the roles, PR professionals will often find and take advantage of loopholes to get the best results for their clients. In addition to this, creative thinking in PR often means figuring out when taking a risk is the best option, and not being afraid to take things in a direction that might not have been used in the past. The confidence to try new things is often an important quality to have in a PR career. 

If you want to work in a fast-paced, exciting career that could take your work across a range of different industries, working in PR might be an ideal choice for you. 

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