6 Ways to Help Your Local Community

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Written By Sahil Kumar

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Knowing how to help your local community is important. If everyone put a little more effort in, then the world would look like a better place. It’s not always easy to know where to begin, though. Don’t worry – you don’t have to become a council member to make a difference. Here are six ways to help your local community. 

1: Do Volunteer Work 

If you have spare time, then you should consider volunteering locally. It will get you out of the house, help you make new friends, build experience, and, most importantly, help those in the community that is in need. To help your neighbors following a disaster, Red Cross has multiple volunteering opportunities available. You could also consider volunteering at an animal rescue, blind school, or homeless shelter.  

2: Donate Your Old Stuff

Instead of throwing your old clothes/furniture/appliances away or selling them online, why not donate them to local thrift stores? Not only will it reduce your carbon footprint, but it will also give other people in your community the chance to use something you no longer want. That dress from five years ago might no longer be your style, but someone else will love it.  

3: Plant a Tree

The more trees in an area, the better the air quality is, so improve your community’s space by planting a tree. Have a look around your community for opportunities to do so – most green public areas allow people to plant a tree if there’s enough space. As well as doing something great for the environment, you will also get to watch the tree grow over the years! 

4: Pick Up Litter

A simple act you can do to help improve the community is picking up litter. A chip packet and a soda can here and there will make a small difference, and you might even encourage other people to follow suit and pick up trash. If you want to take it a step further, you could schedule a litter picking hour around the park with members of the community. It’s important to take care of the space you live in!

5: Drop Off Food at Food Banks 

Unfortunately, many people struggle to put food on their plates. To help those people end the day without feeling hunger, drop off food at food banks from time to time. You don’t have to spend too much money – just a couple of dollars on pasta, soup tins, and cookies can help someone fill their pantry. 

6: Donate to Local Charities

Probably the simplest way of helping out your local community is donating to local charities. It’s simple, doesn’t have to cost too much, and can be done monthly (or weekly) without you even thinking about it. Find a local charity that really speaks to you, and then set up automated payments to ensure they can keep doing their amazing work. 

Helping your community is all about building a better space for yourself, your neighbors, and anyone who visits. By putting in more effort, you will feel proud of the place you live.

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