A Complete Procedure To Lodge A Successful Graduate Visa 485

Visa subclass 485 is applicable for all the graduate students and have completed 2 years of study in Australia. Any graduate students who are adept and possess the skillset parallel to the Job domain the organization of the country demands so temporary graduate visa subclass 485 comes into play.

Certain validation and constraints regarding visa allow you the duration of the visa validity. Also, this visa lets you work apart from living and study in Australia for a period ranging from 18 months to 4 years. It is a good way to extend your stay in Australia to improve your chances of becoming eligible for a permanent or provisional skilled visa. 

Eligibility criteria:

  1. Eligibility streams for Temporary Graduate Visa 485 are quartered as Post stream workstream and the graduate workstream and both have different criteria.
  2. The age limit of the applicant must be under 50 years at the time of application.
  3. Applicant must bear a student visa within the past 6 months before their application and they now hold a substantive visa
  4. Based on skills the main applicant must demonstrate their English language ability, either through holding certain types of passports or by undertaking an English test. Evidence of threshold English must be provided at the date of lodgement
  5. You must meet the 2-year study requirement and have completed qualifications within six months of applying for the 485 visa.
  6. The desired course should meet the Australian study requirement and be CRICOS affiliated.

With visa 485, you are allowed to :

  • Travel, work, and study in Australia during your entire stay.
  • Stay in Australia for at least 18 months timespan.
  • Include your family members in your application including any Dependent children.

Cost and its Processing times :

  • The cost of subclass 485 is From AUD1,650.
  • 485 Visa Processing Time for graduate workstream on completion of 75% and 90% of applications are 4 mo nths and 5 months respectively.
  • Processing time for Post study workstream on completion of 75% and 90% of applications are 83 days and 5 months respectively.
  • Processing time may vary and may take a longer time in case you produce incomplete information or incorrect details.

Duration and condition :

A graduate visa 485 is subjected to a minimum duration of 18 months. However, the duration is extendable under certain circumstances. If the courses undertaken by you are among the Bachelor Degree, Bachelor with Honours, Masters by Coursework or Masters then 18 months duration. But if you have pursued Masters by Research then you are eligible for 2 years to stay and a Doctorate degree is given advantages of 4 years stay.

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