A new networking frontier with Linksys

Ever since wireless technology started becoming a thing people had huge expectations from it. It was always increasing and becoming more advanced each and every day. That made it an excellent solution for upcoming businesses. Now we live in an era that has the fastest wireless technology capable of reaching many gigabits per second and that has raised a lot of interest as people are very eager to get the best of the best. Nowadays you can find a really advanced and sophisticated router or extender for an affordable price as the market has become really competitive. Linksys, It for one used to have a small Wi-Fi router in my home but, even I am looking for something that will last me for a couple of years as my usage has increased. 

I wanted to buy a router that could cover all the nooks and corners of my home without leaving any dead zones. I thought of settling for an extender but that doesn’t seem very suitable for my large house. I then searched for a mesh networking system from Linksys as that is a very well known and trusted brand. I bought the Linksys whw0103 velop mesh router. It did the function of both a router and an extender as it could relay the exact same signal throughout my house. An added advantage of using something so sophisticated was that Linksys whw0103 setup was really easy and could easily be done through the app. Anyway, for more information keep on reading.

Setting my the mesh network

The setup process is easy but requires that you configure everything carefully as this system acts as a singular device. So before setting up, carefully unbox the device and, then plug it into a power socket and turn it on. Once the primary velop node has been turned on you can set it up using one of two ways either by using an ethernet cable or by wirelessly connecting it with your smartphone. But before that make sure that the Internet cable is plugged into the WAN port of the primary node. To set up using an ethernet cable connect the ethernet cable to the primary node and then insert the other end into your personal computer and head over to the default gateway by typing in the default i.p address and enter your login credentials or you can also set-up the primary node using the Linksys app. 

Velop whw0103 not working

To do that you can download the app either the Play Store or the App Store and then connect to the primary node then simply wait for the app to scan and identify the secondary nodes in your vicinity. Once it identifies the secondary nodes simply select it and modify the settings. But before that make sure that you have plugged in all the nodes and turned them on. Once the connection has been established the LEDs will then turn purple in color. During this point in the set-up, some people have had issues or a window that opens up saying velop whw0103 not working. If that is the case with you then refer to the troubleshooter.

Now to complete the setup you need to configure each node and if you want to or you can just make sure that they are all connected with the primary node then go ahead with the setup. The purpose of these secondary nodes is that they will broadcast your Wi-Fi signals all over the place in all channels so this serves as a better solution than a traditional extender. However, you can use as many secondary nodes as you like. This concludes the setup process. You can also configure each individual node to act as an access point so that you can use it in a private setting. If you want to know about velop whw0103 firmware update then look below.

Mesh network troubleshooting

 In order to prolong the life-span of your system make sure to update your mesh system as and when the update’s release. If you don’t do that then there may arise some issues that cause the system to malfunction or not work effectively. If you have encountered such issues then that means you have a firmware issue but just to make sure, open the linksyssmartwifi.com app and run the troubleshooter and if it displays whw0103 corrupt firmware in the result then we know for sure. To fix it just update your firmware and you are good to go.

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