All About Marine Engineering!

What is marine engineering? 

A Marine Engineer or a maritime engineer is a professional who is responsible for the maintenance, operation and repair of all major engineered and mechanical equipment which is onboard on the ship. It is that branch of engineering which deals with nautical architecture and science. Marine engineers have the whole responsibility of the ships technical management. It involves installation, construction, operation and repair of the ship machinery. They are responsible for selecting the machinery of the ships that includes gas turbines, steam turbines and diesel engines and for the design and control of mechanical, fluid, and electrical systems throughout the vessel. In short, we can say that the marine engineer deals with the technical areas of the ship.

Career Prospective

Marine engineering is among one of the topmost career choices made by students all over the world. As this is a new and less famous field there are loads of career opportunities in this field. It is in all the sectors whether it is private, government, educational or corporate sectors. Some of the field jobs in marine engineering are offshore oil recovery, defense, underwater vehicles, remote sensing, environmental protection, global climate monitoring, marine metals and corrosion, naval architecture, marine transportation and remote sensing. Some of the many job titles are pumpman, harbor master, chief engineer, third engineer, fourth engineer, junior engineer, navy weapon engineering officer. 

Duties of Marine Engineers

 The job of marine engineers includes designing, construction and maintenance of structures and vehicles used on or around water like boats and ships. They also work on power generation, oil and gas industry. It is the duty of each and every engineer to ensure that their machinery is working at all times and is in a good condition. They are also required to look after the machinery on deck. It also teaches how to deal with major breakdown or maintenance of mechanical systems at sea. For official paperwork and reporting, they are required to keep a precise record of various parameters. 

Skill set required

To be a successful marine engineer it is important to have qualities such as team management, efficient planner, good communication skills, Proven negotiation skills, mathematical skills, excellent It skills and technical knowledge, computer-aided design and manufacturing (CAD/CAM) skills, problem-solving skills, budget management skills and many more. This career is meant for those candidates who see themselves conducting research work in coastal waters or oceans in the future.

Eligibility criteria

At the undergraduate (UG) level, the candidates are required to pass their senior secondary examination. They can do a BS in Marine Engineering and get to start their career as a marine engineer. Some institutes also examine the medical fitness of their candidates as this job requires some filed work that too in waters. Candidates can also join this course after completing their post graduations (PG) after completing their graduation in mechanical/marine engineering from a recognized university and have secured an aggregate of at least 50%.

Marine engineers are offered a fancy amount of salary depending on their skill set and experience. So this was a little brief about Marine Engineering. Come for more such reads.

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