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Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the leading public cloud provider within a mile radius, but before you start your search for the market leader, take a look at Google Cloud Platform and take a look at: Google Cloud vs AWS. You will be surprised that Google Cloud has several advantages over AWS and can better serve your business needs.

To find the best cloud provider for your needs, we compared Google Cloud to AWS and identified some of the strengths and weaknesses of both cloud platforms.

Second quarter Canalys 2020 figures show AWS achieved $ 10.8 billion in revenue and 31% IaaS market share, compared to second place Microsoft Azure with market share estimated at 20% and the Google Cloud platform in third place with a market share of 6%. AWS’s market share is greater than that of its four major competitors combined.

AWS’s dominance is no surprise. AWS launched its public cloud platform in 2006 and was way ahead of Microsoft and Google. Google launched its Google App Engine PaaS in 2008, but did not enter the IaaS market until 2010. Four years is a long time for cloud computing.

Substantial leadership has given AWS its dominance, but its competitors are catching up. While AWS revenue grew 29% year-over-year in Q2 2020, Azure revenue grew 47% and Google Cloud Platform revenue grew 43%.

AWS Vs Google Cloud : Pricing

Businesses are constantly looking for ways to cut costs, and cloud computing is one area where significant savings can be made, although it is difficult to do a meaningful analysis between Google Cloud and AWS on pricing alone. Google Cloud Platform offers basic cloud computing solutions that are comparable, but not identical, to AWS. There is also an ongoing price war and frequent price drops for Google Cloud and AWS, with new services being launched on a regular basis. Today’s price comparison may be out of date tomorrow.

Google Cloud prides itself on offering a lower cost than its competitors. For some IT services, the Google Cloud Platform Committed Use and Extended Use Discount programs can offer significant pricing advantages over AWS. Certainly, the Google Cloud Extended Usage discount program compares favourably with the on-demand pricing from AWS.

For businesses with large amounts of data to store or analyse, Google Cloud storage prices are up to 20% cheaper than AWS (excluding file storage) and basic service prices are up to 20% cheaper. data is also cheap in comparison. While there is no price difference for container services, Google Cloud is an industry leader in this area and is also investing heavily in AI and machine learning technologies.

AWS Vs Google Cloud : Features And Services

Google Cloud offers around 95 different services; AWS offers more than 200. Many of the additional services are important for large companies with specific requirements for their cloud environments, although Google Cloud offers a basic range of services that will meet the needs of most companies.

Google Cloud certainly has a flexibility advantage with much greater possibilities for personalization of compute instances than AWS, which offers limited possibilities for personalization. both the platforms offer predefined instances to meet the needs of most businesses. However, if your computing needs do not match the predefined instances, you can use Google Cloud Platform to create custom VMs to avoid unnecessary capacity.

AWS Vs Google Cloud : Features And Benefits

There are cost benefits to using Google Cloud over AWS, but the cost is only part of the story. There is no point in choosing a cloud platform that offers a significant cost advantage if it does not have the flexibility, reliability, and performance to meet business needs.

What features does AWS offer – or rather, what doesn’t? As the first to market and market leader, it is conceivable that it has it all and constantly updates all of its features and service offerings, keeping bloggers, developers and analysts on their toes.

AWS has all kinds of impressive servers, extends hybrid cloud functionality through VMware Cloud on AWS, and offers on-premises hardware through Outpost. AWS Also Offers U.S. Government Regions Prepared for The Potential of Huge Contracts.

AWS Vs Google Cloud : Global Reach

While the Google Cloud Platform outperforms AWS in terms of price and flexibility, AWS does better in terms of global reach and delivers significantly more data centres worldwide. As of September 2020, Google Cloud Platform had 24 regions, 73 zones, and more than 100 points of presence in 35 countries. AWS has 24 Regions, 77 Availability Zones, two Local Regions, and customers in 245 countries and territories. In addition, AWS is adding new data centres faster than Google.

This means that AWS can be a much better choice, especially outside of the US and Europe. More regions and higher availability also mean that companies that choose AWS may be able to provision resources faster – but note that not all AWS services are available in all regions.

AWS Vs Google Cloud : Free Tiers

AWS and Google Cloud both offer free tiers to encourage businesses to try out different services. AWS divides its free tier promotions into selected services for periods of 30 days, 12 months, and always free, subject to usage limits. In comparison, Google Cloud makes it easy by still offering free tiers for 24 products and services with usage limits.

While many services and usage limits are similar between the two providers, Google Cloud also offers new customers a $ 300 credit for each service in its portfolio. While $ 300 is not a large amount for a large company, considering the relative merits of the two cloud service providers, the offering gives potential customers more flexibility in the services it offers.

AWS Vs Google Cloud : Which is Better ?

Regarding Google Cloud vs. AWS, there is no clear winner, because each cloud platform has its advantages and disadvantages. AWS may be the best choice for large companies with specific needs, for multinational companies with a presence in many countries, and for companies outside of the United States and Europe. AWS also offers excellent levels of support, availability, and increased redundancy.

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