Babysitters – Are They as Innocent as they Seem?

It has been a tradition in the developed countries to get the services of nannies and the babysitters to look after the children as both the parents stay outside to earn the bread and butter for the house. But how many of the professionals are safe or non – vulnerable to the families, is not much sure. The facial expressions, appearance, and the impression of the person never express the loyalty and truthfulness of the person.

Con Job:

As a matter of fact, the babysitting job has certainly become a game of scams and frauds. Even some of the cases involve criminal acts of horrible nature. Precisely considering the fraudulent acts and criminology involved in this, one would find:

  • Cases of abduction
  • Cases related to child pornography
  • Cases of robbery
  • Cases of stealing
  • Cases relevant to human trafficking

And much more!

Although all of the nannies or the babysitters are not the same, but the bad fish has made this water filthy.

Nannies and Babysitters:

At times the con and grim happens to the nannies and the babysitters. They are made to pay certain amounts for the beginning of the job as tip and when they are ready to start the job, they find nothing more than the fraud as the employer doesn’t actually exist.

The nannies and the babysitters are usually the young ladies, motherhood in digital world, aging between 18 – 26 years of age. Even the young teens aging between 15 – 17 years old, even offer their services, but they are not much preferred for being too young.

Parents usually get impressed by their tread, appearance, speech, and soft behavior, which make them realize that they are the perfect person for the job.

Crime Scenes:

It doesn’t actually provide much of the glimpses from their initial working that how much are they sincere with their job. As soon as they get familiar with the family members and the family members adopt the habit of the babysitter, the crime starts to feed. And in no time, the crime takes place.

Either it’s a homicide or the abduction the parents are unable to learn that the nanny was involved in this whole crime, as she had been providing the information to the offenders to take out that act.


According to a fresh study of the authorities, NISMART states that nearly 50,000 children have been reported missing, out of which 33,000 have been suspected to be abducted by the help of or by the babysitter.

In November, 2015, a 21 year old girl, babysitting a 2 year old in Topsfield was charged with the crime of abduction as the babysitter abducted the baby, shaved her head and spotted her body with cigarette remains.

What The Parents Should Have Done?

To get rid of such heinous crimes, the parents should be prompt and should adopt some technology. If the parents of that 2 year old toddler had TheOneSpy installed in their phone and were monitoring Abigail (the babysitter) they would have prevented the abduction of their baby as the app would have updated about the every move of the nanny.

Child Pornography:

The worst of the scenarios for every crime are available everywhere. The world is really turning to something horrible. The difference between the child pornography and child sex abuse since 2007 till 2013 has been received as the raise by 5000%.

The worst of the part is:

  • Almost 20% offender had been found carrying the porn picture of children less than 3 years old
  • Almost 40% had been arrested carrying the pornography of children lesser than 6 years old
  • Almost 85% criminals had been found with the pornographic data of children aging less than 12 years of age

The worst of the point is that 70 – 75% of the cases involved the babysitters and most of them were the school going nannies and were found sharing the material over the Snapshot and some other social media networks.

Apart from that some of the nannies were discovered supporting the pornographic sites and were providing material to those sites.

The Best of the Solution:

It’s really hard to trust anybody in the world of today. Especially when it is concerned about the children the parents have to be more vigilant. Leaving babies open to the nannies and the babysitters is nothing more than idiocy.

They should be monitored and invigilated with the help of TheOneSpy which is an utmost solution to all the problems lying in the world of caretakers.

Be a responsible parent and grab TheOneSpy today! It’s offering a 50% Flat Discount to the New Subscribers.

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