Benefits To Create A Digital Magazine Over Printed Magazine

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The popularity of printed magazines has been declining for over a decade. A research was conducted by Mequoda Magazine in 2018 in which they demonstrated that 42.4% of the adults in the USA have internet access. Moreover, such individuals were reported reading at least one of their digital magazines issued during the last 30 days. Are you still thinking about launching a print magazine?

The publishers will find this article useful to launch a digital magazine.The digital magazine creators at ZINIY design the digital magazine that boost your audience and bring lucrative outcomes. Here are some benefits of a digital magazine over a printed magazine. Let’s start it!

1# Reduce the cost:

As the printed magazines are printed, distributed, and sold by the newsagents, it consumes a lot of money. Similarly, the unsold copies of a printed magazine cause a loss in the business. On other hand, when you create a digital magazine, you can distribute it on the web without paying a single penny to suppliers or sellers.

However, starting a new business requires investment. The investment cost in the case of digital magazines is all about the cost of software, hiring content creators, and the formation of staff.

2# Global distribution:

When you create a digital magazine, you can distribute it globally without any restrictions. Global distribution generates more income for the company. There is no need to go for marketing or advertisement. Just maintain the quality of content and you will get the audience by word-of-mouth.

The printed magazines are restricted to a limited geographical area. These geographical barriers or state borders limitations minimize the number of readers.

3# Improve user interaction:

The digital version of a magazine improves reader interaction. For example, just leave an email address of your company below your article or make a comment box and ask your readers to share their personal opinion. In this way, you get to know about their likes and dislikes. The audience feedback helps to improve the quality of your magazine.

Likewise, you can check the statistics of your website to check how many readers have visited this page. On other hand, printed magazines provide no information about the opinion of your audience.

4# All time availability:

A digital magazine is more convenient for readers than a printed magazine. It is accessible to everyone, everywhere, and every time. The readers can read their favorite articles during their free time in just a single click.

However, printed magazines do not offer this freedom. Many readers just skip reading a magazine because it is not available all the time.

5# Ads hosting:

Native advertisement helps to helps to drive potential buyers to your website. The host ads related to your niche or content increase your earnings. Make sure that you are not boring your audience with unnecessary ads. The digital magazine creatorsdesign the best templates to add host ads in the best positions.

The only source of monetization in the case of printed magazines is distributions and purchase of it. Similarly, unsold copies will leave you at a great loss.

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