Can hormonal issues contribute to Erectile Dysfunction?


Doctors have confirmed that certain hormonal issues such as low testosterone production, hyperprolactinemia, and metabolic disorder like type 2 diabetes can lead to erectile dysfunction. The hormonal issues reduce drive or desire in males. This makes it difficult for a man to get an erection and sustain it for some time. The only solution to erectile dysfunction caused by hormonal issues is medical treatment and testosterone therapy. The medical examination will help the male to get the right treatment. The use of erectile dysfunction may not be the right treatment, as desire is needed for an erection even after using an erectile dysfunction pill.

Opinion of Medical Experts on Hormonal issues Behind ED

Medical experts say that certain hormonal issues can lead to erectile dysfunction in males and fertility issues in females. Hormones are produced by certain glands in the body which regulate various functions of the body. Overproduction or lack of production often affects body functions.

Erectile dysfunction is the constant inability of a male to get an erection. Once in a while erection failure is not counted as erectile dysfunction, however, when a male fails to get an erection in half of the cases, it is termed as erectile dysfunction.

There are erectile dysfunction pills, which doctors prescribe to overcome erectile dysfunction. If you are also suffering from the same issue then you should Buy Sildenafil citrate 200mg, prescribed by doctors for higher cases of erection resistance. But in case of hormonal issues behind erectile dysfunction, doctors may prefer hormone therapy to an effective cure. Let us study some hormonal issues that cause erectile dysfunction in males.

Major hormonal issues behind erectile dysfunction

Major hormonal issues behind erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction occurs to the diseases that damage the blood vessels or reduce the ability of blood vessels to supply blood sufficiently. Type 2 diabetes, cholesterol issue, plaque formation in blood vessels, blood pressure, are some of these issues.

Hormonal issues like low testosterone production, higher production of prolactin, and abnormal thyroid hormone levels also cause erectile dysfunction.

Low testosterone or hypogonadism

Testosterone is a major hormone in males. This hormone is produced by testicles but its production is controlled by the pituitary gland and brain. Testosterone gives masculine features to a male. These features include body hairs, deep voice, sexual development, muscle growth, and hormones that lead to driving for intimacy.

This hormone is behind the intimate desire of a male. It also maintains sperm production and bone health.

The lack of sufficient production of testosterone leads to a low drive for intimacy, poor erection, low sperm count, and breast development in males. All these factors combine to make low testosterone a major hormonal issue behind erectile dysfunction.

Declining testosterone levels

Studies have mentioned that testosterone levels decline after the mid-30s in males. But the sharp decline is seen in males above 50 years of age. Males with low testosterone levels at a young age can also suffer from erectile dysfunction.

Treatment options

Currently, the administration of testosterone is provided when the testosterone levels are lower than 200-300 ng/ml. The testosterone injections have shown the promise of increased intimate drive, erection, and a healthy erection process.

The second hormonal issue is higher prolactin

Prolactin hormone increase or hyperprolactinemia is a cause, but a rare hormonal issue or cause behind erectile dysfunction in males. The increase in this hormone leads to the development of male breast and milk production.

An increase in estrogen in males also leads to higher prolactin growth. When estrogen increases, it reduces the male sex hormone testosterone, which leads to rising in erectile dysfunction.

Some medicines, antidepressant medicines, increase the prolactin production in males as a side effect. The medicines that reduce the hormone dopamine increase prolactin production. When the consumption of medicine that leads to increased production of prolactin is stopped, the normal levels of prolactin are achieved. It also lowers the erection difficulties faced by males.

Abnormal thyroid levels behind erectile dysfunction

Higher or lower hormone release from the thyroid gland can lead to erectile dysfunction in males. Medical experts have confirmed this fact as a hormonal issue behind erectile dysfunction in males. Both the overactive and underactive thyroid gland produces symptoms like low drive, fatigue, low mood, which affect the erection process.

It becomes difficult for a man with constant low drive and fatigue to feeling energetic for an intimate session. Related issues like premature ejaculation and delayed ejaculation also happen with abnormal function of the thyroid gland.

Other ways thyroid gland abnormal function cause erectile dysfunction

Thyroid hormone also interferes with hormones that regulate testosterone production in males. Lower testosterone reduces drive and libido.

Thyroid hormone imbalance also affects molecules that support the function of blood vessels of the male sexual organs.

Adrenal gland disorders as hormonal issues in erectile dysfunction

Adrenal glands located in each kidney produce various hormones. The imbalance in these hormones leads to various adrenal gland diseases.  Adrenal diseases affect the normal function of the healthy body. When a body is not healthy and suffers from a disease, the male is not expected to maintain a healthy erection process.

Adrenal gland disorders symptoms are dizziness, fatigue, nausea, low blood sugar, low blood pressure, joint pain, muscle pain, and lack of appetite. All these factors combine to create erectile dysfunction in males. Treatment of the glands and their diseases is the only way to restore the normal erection process.

Type 2 diabetes

Type 2 diabetes is a metabolism disorder due to a lack of insulin in the body. It is also one of the hormonal issues that cause erectile dysfunction in males. Diabetes conditions mean that either the insulin production is low or the body cannot use the insulin that it produces.

Insulin produced by the pancreas in the body sends glucose produced by the food into cells for energy conversion. Insufficient insulin or insulin resistance leads to increased glucose levels in the body.  Higher glucose levels cause diabetes.

Type 2 diabetes or type 1 diabetes, both damage the blood vessels. Damaged blood vessels cannot support the blood flow that is needed for a smooth erection. Medical experts warn that a male with diabetes is likely to face erectile dysfunction shortly. In recent times, diabetes has emerged as a major hormonal issue in male erection problems.

Role of erectile dysfunction pills in hormonal issues behind ED

Role of erectile dysfunction pills in hormonal issues behind ED

In many cases, the male loses the drive for intimacy. In that case use  60mg Cialis, which is a higher dose, may not work efficiently. The reason is that doctors recommend physical stimulation for an erection. Without stimulation, the dose, however higher it may be, cannot produce an erection. The erection happens when desire makes it easy to get aroused for an intimate session.

Low libido because of low testosterone levels makes it difficult to get excited. And without excitement for an intimate session, the pill simply will enhance side effects.

Medical consultations to treat hormonal issues behind erectile dysfunction

Anyone facing erection problems without any apparent reason should see a doctor. The doctor takes complete medical history into account to get the exact cause of the erectile tissue. If any, the medication, current health status, and emotional issues are also part of the assessment.

The medical experts conduct blood tests to check hormone issues, diabetes, or cholesterol in the bloodstream.  Doctors also check the function of the liver and kidney, as any malfunction, there could cause erectile dysfunction.

Medical facilities are available to treat hormonal issues behind erectile dysfunction. Doctors may inject testosterone or they ask to stop the medication behind the increase in prolactin hormone.

Use of ED pills in consultations

When the basic hormonal issues are resolved, males can use erection-boosting pills. Prior consultations will help to know the safe dose strength and precautions. There is no harm in using such boosters, but safe dosage prescriptions help to prevent reaction with other medicines a man may be on.


Yes, hormonal issues can cause erectile dysfunction in males. The hormonal issues affect the function of a normal healthy body, which makes it difficult to maintain a desire for intimacy. Medical treatment is available to cure hormonal issues and regain normal erection.

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