A Complete Overview of Concrete Cutting

Have you ever heard about concrete cutting? If not, here is a complete overview on concrete cutting from which you will be able to know what it is, methods involved in concrete cutting, tools used for concrete cutting and their advantages, and more.

What is concrete cutting?

The process of controlled sawing, drilling and removing concrete is known as concrete cutting. The concrete and asphalt are cut with the help of the special jaws by the skilled operators. The skilled operators are very well trained to cut the concrete with precision, accuracy and very few mistakes. 

Years ago the concrete cutting companies’ use the jackhammers to break the concrete, but that would create a dusty and messy environment. Now there are the modern types of equipment that can be used for breaking and cutting the concrete. With this modern equipment, you will be able to get a smooth and attractive finish in the concrete, asphalt, metal and rock.

Different specs of the diamond blade are used by the concrete cutters to accommodate the various material types and strengths. To cut more quickly a proper diamond saw blade is used and it needs less water to create a leek finish. There are even modern concrete saws that have vacuum systems which can capture the dust. A high standard concrete cutting company should use all the modern strategies’ and tools to provide better results. If you want to get the services from a contract cutting company then hire a company that will use modernized techniques. If not you will not be getting the services worth the money.

Types of concrete cutting services

There are various ways of core cutting in concrete and some of the methods are more common than others. Here are a few common methods.

  • Diamond sawing

For the concrete cutting, diamond saws are used where they are faster, more precise and it requires few operators. They can be used to cut rebar and other metals. They also produce less vibration when compared to other saws. Therefore in concrete cutting, the diamond saws are mostly preferred by the concrete cutter Penrith.

  • Concrete wall sawing

Cutting the concrete walls is a process that can be handled by circular blades on a track-mounted machine. The track present in the equipment makes it possible for the saw to climb walls or cut ceilings. This can be used to cut the wall that is between 16 and 36 inches thick.

  • Flat sawing

The flat sawing method is used for the floors, bridge decks and pavements. The flat sawing method is also known as slab sawing. Here the saws are placed on a cart and the operator pushes them from behind. With this particular method, you can get into the broken pipes or the wiring beneath the concrete floor.

  • Core drilling

This concrete method can be used for creating openings for the pipes, wires, ventilation, and air conditioning the vents to fit through. This method can make precise and circular holes. It is best to hire the core cutting services to perform the core drilling because it is a method which will require a lot of skill and precision.

  • Wire sawing

When other methods are not applicable then the commercial concrete cutters use the wire sawing method. This is mostly used for cutting larger concrete. This is a kind of complex machinery that has to be handled by the professionals.

What are the tools that are used for concrete cutting?

The wire saws, wall saws, and flat saws are the tools that are mostly used by the concrete cutters. Many other tools are used for concrete cutting services. Some of them are listed below,

  • Block saws
  • Power cutters
  • Cut-off saws
  • Walk-behind saws
  • Tile saw
  • Early entry saw
  • Saw blades
  • Concrete rigs
  • Saw blades

The basic concrete cutting process

The basic concept of concrete cutting is important to know because knowing this can help you in many ways. You can check whether the right process is done or not. The method of execution differs based on the job. Here are a few basic steps of concrete cutting.

  • First, lay out the area of concrete to be cut
  • With the help of hand saw cut up to 4 inches deep
  • Use an industrial-grade machine when you are working with the concrete that is deeper than 4 inches
  • Besides, keep the below-mentioned tips in mind 
  • Cut the concrete in the correct depth
  • Proceed slowly
  • The chalk line has to be kept free of dust
  • Try to know something about how the material behaves and how strong it is.
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Is safety more important?

Safety should be the top priority when it comes to the concrete cutting Campbelltown. This is because the materials that are used for concrete cutting are incredibly heavy and the equipment that is used by concrete cutters is more powerful. There are even chances for someone to get hurt when this kind of work is taking place. Therefore be safe when such a process is taking place.

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