Coorg’s top 10 things – India’s Scotland

The hypnotic beauty of the Western Ghats at Karnataka hangs Coorg’s picturesque hill station. Kodavas’ land is as fantastic as its spectacular mountain scenery, gurgling wildflowers, thick forests, green valleys, cool weather and spectacular coffee plantations and aromatic spicy gardens. The place is known as Scotland of India, no surprise and rightly so.

So, why do we wait? Book your room at one of the best Resorts in Coorg, preferably Madikeri, and prepare for a unique journey. If you need assistance on your journey, here is a list of Coorg’s 10 top holidays.

1. Visit the Namdroling Monastery and the Golden Temple

The Namdroling Monastery is the largest teaching center for Tibetan Buddhism’s Nyingma School with over 5000 lamas and it was called the Golden Temple. Built-in 1963, the Monastery is characterized by Tibetan architecture and art and exudes calm. During this time, you can participate in or bear with them in the prayer rituals, turn the wheels of prayer or just walk in the spiritual vibration.

2. Discover Abbey Falls’ Surreal Beauty

One of Coorg’s top things to do is a visit to the scenic Abby Falls, particularly where you love nature or take a shuttle. The waterfall blows down a height of 70 meters, in the middle of private coffee and spice plantations. In front of the falls, there is a hanging bridge which is a good place to capture incredible shots.

3. Dubare Elephant Camp spend some time with the elephants

Located on the banks of Cauvery, Dubare Elephant Camp contains several elephants and offers you the chance to look at these majestic animals, swim, feed them, and spend some time in the middle. There are cottages in the camp if you plan to stay overnight. You can also enjoy walks in nature, jeep safaris, films on wildlife, and campfires. Those who are a bit short can also choose to visit a day.

4. Take a Talacauvery journey 

Talacauvery is known as the fountain of the Cauvery River, located on Brahmagiri Hills. The main attractions of the place are a shrine dedicated to Goddess Kaveriamma and a tank supplied by a spring (which is thought to be the source of the river). In addition to praying, you can enjoy panoramic views from the hilltop to a flight of over 400 steps.

5. See Raja’s Seat at Sunset

The Raja Seat is a beautiful park with flowers, lush greenery, and artificial fountains, once a favorite recreation spot in the area’s rajas. The site has a beautiful view of the surrounding mountains and valleys. Make sure you go to the spot to see the sunset in the evening, just as Rajas did in the past. The garden has a toy train to keep your kids busy.

6. In Barapole, take a whitewater rafting session

Looking for an adventurous Coorg experience? Go to the Barapole River, one of the region’s top whitewater rafting destinations. The river has excellent fast speeds to raft flanked by scenic landscapes on both sides. It’s easy to moderate the difficulty level so you can try it out even if you’re a rafting beginner.

7. Pushpagiri Wildlife Sanctuary Go Wildlife Spotting

Whether you are a lover of nature, bird-watching, or hiking, you need to list things to do in Coorg on a trip to Pushpagiri Wildlife Sanctuary. The Sanctuary is the home of rare and endangered bird species, surrounded by the Kukke Subramanya Forest and the Bisle Forest Ranges. It was also a favorite among walkers on the trails of Kote Betta and Pushpagiri Peak.

8. Try History at the Fort of Madikeri

Would you like to travel back in time to explore Kodava’s glorious past? Go to Madikeri Fort (or Mercara Fort), one of Coorg’s most important tourist attractions for historians. It was built by Mudduraja in the 17th century and later reconstructed by the Tipu Sultan. The fort consists of a church and a museum exhibiting armaments and artifacts used in the Tipu Sultan era.

9. Enjoy the genuine food of Kodava

You ought to eat as the Kodavas in Coorg. And this is to say that you will treat yourself to a wide variety of mouthwatering dishes, including Pandi Curry, Kadamutto and Akki Roti, Bamboo Shoot Curry, Noolputtu, and Kommu Curry. And don’t forget to add a true and aromatic cup of homemade coffee to everything.

10. Spend a few hours in Nisargadhama Cauvery

Nisargadhama is the perfect place for a day off with family and friends, a beautiful island on the river Cauvery. Hanging bridges, boat trips, elephant tours, dense bamboo groves, a green park, river cottages, and a treehouse are all the main attractions in this area. The island is near the Golden Temple, so both attractions are combined in one day.

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