Creative gardening trends anyone can copy

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Written By Sahil Kumar

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No matter your gardening skill level, there’s always room for improvement. Look no further than these recent gardening trends to uncover new ideas for your garden, or your next home improvement project. From geodesic domes and vegetable gardens that grow in old beer cans to beehives built from old bicycle tires, these increasingly creative projects prove that even the most ordinary items can be used creatively in the garden.

Geodesic domes

Geodesic domes are trendy and practical garden structures that help maximize space with minimal materials. You can use them to house a variety of plants, as long as they have the right sun exposure. They’re perfect for growing tomatoes and other salad greens in small spaces, especially when you have a limited growing season and need to make the most of good weather.

Compost teas

Compost teas are brewed from a combination of compost and minerals. These nutrient-rich teas help release vital nutrients from compost, increasing their ability to add life to your soil. Compost tea is also an excellent option for people who don’t have green thumbs. The process of brewing a compost tea involves aerating and stirring the compost to boost its overall health, creating a self-sustaining compost teas garden in your own backyard.

Rubber tire beehives

If you love honey but don’t want to deal with the hassle of beekeeping, try beekeeping with rubber tires. These beehives are easy to build and require little materials, only needing old bicycle tires, as well as tins cans and other pieces of scrap metal.

Renovated planters

More and more people are finding ways to turn ordinary household objects into functional garden accessories. Try using repurposed plastic buckets, wicker baskets, old tires, and more to create functional plant containers.

Terraced gardens

If you have limited space for your garden, then gardening on different levels, or terraces, can help you get the most of your outdoor space. You will need to get creative in using garden edging to create a terraced garden. 

Beer can flowerpots

More people are turning to recycled materials to build their garden spaces, and this inventive beer can planter is a great example of how repurposing everyday items can transform an old piece of furniture into a functional addition to your garden space. You don’t need any other supplies other than an empty beer can.

Vegetable gardens in unexpected places 

An old wine barrel is ideal as a centerpiece for your garden. A rejuvenated, repurposed wine barrel is just one example of how people are making their vegetable gardens stand out by using interesting containers and nontraditional gardening spaces to grow a variety of flowers and vegetables.

Plant hangers

These DIY plant hangers are a quick and simple way to organize your garden so that you can easily identify plants from a distance. They don’t require any other supplies than the eye hooks, which you can find at almost any home improvement store. You can add them to existing fences or walls in your garden, or use them to decorate an outdoor living space.

By copying any of these innovative gardening ideas, you can create an outdoor space you’ll be proud of, or use them to beautify any outdoor area in your home.

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