Custom Corrugated Packages Categories and Uses

Custom Corrugated boxes become a popular form of custom-made packages after Kraft packages. Now, let’s take a full overview of how we could have personalized packages manufactured with corrugated material, when and who could use them perfectly to wrap their brand products. How we could take full advantage of these custom printing boxes and all the types to personalize them for marketing purposes. Don’t skip any part to make, utilize, reprocess, and reclaim corrugated containers after landing on this blog by Fast Custom Boxes.

Custom Corrugated Packages:

Wholesale Corrugated packages are created with corrugated cardstock to connect the divisions and place various items in a single case. We often find these custom printed packages in every everyday life. When the burgers or other fast food we order, arrives mostly in these corrugated cases. Corrugated board is thicker unlike regular paper supply, so it’s being referred to distribute meals and several items. The grooves in corrugated printing boxes make them very stable and give support. All such packages are divided into 2 parts. One part is known as a liner, while the remaining part is known as a medium.

These mediums are built against the liner internally. However, the liner is often needed for wider packages to keep its exterior smooth. Usually, the liner could also be inserted internally. Similarly, the medium is often in the shape of the arch and its main function is to join boards. A medium job is to reinforce frames. After careful balance, the boards are attached with a cardboard adhesive to keep the boxes durable and perfect for shipment. Various forms of corrugated packaging papers are present in the marketplace.

Although the nature of all types is dissimilar. If you need to buy the mailing packages, so consider choosing the highest quality cardstock packages. After getting the most appropriate package for your brand product, you would be able to deliver, store, or display your items effectively.

Corrugated Packages Types:

There are several kinds of corrugated packaging that are designed with various sizes.

1) One Face Packages

These Single Face Packages have just one-linear format. This package is better secured in the shipping cycle since it is designed for the packaging of delivery items. These packages are perfect to transport lightweight products like pizza delivery. Moreover, these are highly recommended to pack luxury items like expensive jewelry, rings, necklace, etc. to the doorstep of customers.  

2) Single Wall Packages 

These custom boxes include 2 layers of medium-sized liners. This package is often needed when big brands require these containers to distribute their food product or other items. Conveniently carry all kinds of items in such shipments corrugated packages. They are also good to pack lightweight products but are more durable than one face corrugated packages.

3) Two wall Packages

They have 3 liners and 2 medium boards. Often preferred to transport bulky and heavy stuff as they are highly durable and have the ability to handle the heavy products. The consumer will find these packages comfortably. If you want to transport some medium weight products like some kind of electronic equipment then two wall packaging boxes are the right choice for you.

4) Three Wall Packages 

These corrugated custom packages are made with 4 liners and 3 medium boards. These containers are larger than most packages and intended to carry heavy items like household equipment and chairs, etc. they are the most durable corrugated boxes. Their extra thickness in walls makes them highly durable. They could conveniently transport all kinds of heavy stuff to your client’s location safe and sound.    

Uses Of Corrugated Packages

You could find several applications of corrugated packaging in your daily life. This packaging may also be reclaimed for potential usage.

Custom corrugated packages represent the brand or business effectively. To have more buyers, modify the packages more appealing with the top-notch cardboard and brand logo prominently printed on them. Anywhere your cardboard packages would be delivered, your company will be advertised.


These containers are utilized in various ways to store different items in warehouses. These packages are perfect for advertising your company with its distinguishable logo. Although these packages are mainly used to take products to the right location by free deliveries or discounted shipping. The packaging option is profoundly used for the advertisement to draw more customers to your service.


The packages are manufactured of eco – friendly materials and once the packages aren’t longer usable, we could reuse them through the recycling technique. In this way, they are the right option to keep our environment clean. As corrugated packages are made up of reusable material, so their rates are also less than other plastic boxes.

Place Tissues 

If eatables are pack in these packages, then we suggest you add tissues in the package so that after consuming food surrounds could be cleaned.


Corrugated packages are being utilized in many aspects of daily life. Fast Custom Boxes is fulfilling all types of packaging needs of thousands of brands all across the globe. That’s why these custom boxes are becoming famous nowadays. Corporations use these packages to advertise their products. Food-service sectors use these packages to distribute eatables. The organizations use these document holding packages. Books stores use these containers to position textbooks & other items. Store electronic equipment and clothing. All instrument varieties and bulky materials could also be packed and shipped. These packages are ideal to carry heavy items at any corner of the world.

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