Everything You Need To Know About Sterilization And Disinfection Service In Dubai

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The entire world is facing an economic recession and deaths due to the novel COVID-19. The spread of the coronavirus can be minimized by regular disinfection and sterilization procedures. In the light of hygiene, it is important to routinely sanitize your house, office, workplace, etc with professional-grade cleaners. Moreover, the climatic conditions of Dubai are suitable for the growth and replication of the coronavirus. Let’s fight this battle together.

The health experts at Dubai Clean have collected some striking facts about sterilization and disinfection service to educate our audience. Let’s read them!

What is the difference between disinfection and sterilization procedures?

Disinfection methods are used to reduce bacteria, viruses, or fungal agents present on non-living surfaces by the use of chemical agents. While sterilization is a procedure to kill all types of microscopic lives present anywhere by using dry heat or moist heat via high-pressure machines. A professional-grade sterilization and disinfection service in Dubai kills 99.9% germs by using the right chemicals and accurate apparatus.

Do sterilization and disinfection procedures safe for my health?

Yes, both of these procedures are 100% safe for you. All the chemical agents are approved by EPA to reduce the risk of any health hazard. Moreover, the dispersed particles can easily approach hard to reach places and kill every particle of pathogens. The sterilization and disinfection service in Dubai is non-toxic, eco-friendly, and reliable for individuals of every age group. Moreover, routine disinfection and sterilization procedures minimize the chances to contract diseases.

How often should I go for sterilization and disinfection services?

In the current scenario, the World Health Organization has advised people to go for daily sterilization and disinfection services. However, you should consult an experienced cleaning company in Dubai to sanitize your workplaces and houses at least once a month. The professional cleaners design a custom-made strategy to kill pathogens at your place. Additionally, the frequency of getting sterilization and disinfection procedures dependson your surroundings. For example, an office needs disinfection and sterilization service more often than a home.

What types of disinfectants are used in this procedure?

Well, the use of disinfectants depends upon the area. Usually, hydrogen peroxide, formaldehyde, bleach, peracetic acid, and bleach in appropriate concentrations are used during house cleaning services in Dubai. Even alcohol is a very powerful disinfectant. Make a solution of 70% alcohol and spray it regularly on the doorbell, doorknobs, keyboards, chairs, handles, desk, tables, phone, sink, and many other places at your place to kill germs in just 30 seconds.

Is the house cleaning necessary before getting disinfection or sterilization services?

Yes, according to experts the durability of disinfection or sterilization procedures increase on properly cleaned surfaces. That’s why get the house cleaning services in Dubai to remove dust, dist, grime, or grease particles to ensure your health. After deep cleaning, the degree of interaction between disinfectants and surfaces will be increased. Keep in mind that cleaning procedures always remove debris or dust particles. The cleaning procedures DO NOT KILL GERMS. On other hand, disinfection and sterilization procedures KILL 99.9% OF GERMS!

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