Follow the right health regime and stay healthy forever

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The health and fitness industry survives on myths and facts that go hand in hand. One moment, you follow a healthy diet, and the next moment, that same diet becomes bad for you.

Everybody has their definition of staying fit and healthy. It may be very frustrating for health professionals to deal with people’s constant fake beliefs and untrue statements in the field of health.

The reality of health and fitness

Staying healthy and fit is the best feeling in the world. It gives a sense of confidence and freedom. You stay motivated and happier than before and also keep your surroundings happy and positive.

You may face some difficulties with your health routine and may have certain doubts. Having access to knowledge on the internet may at times irritate you and give your contradictory answers.

There may be conflicting views of health experts on the same topic. It is always better to clear out your doubts and follow the right approach.

Many people that wish to go to health competitions borrow from taking personal loans in Ireland to fulfill their dreams. But with wrong notions, they are unable to succeed and feel disappointed. Hence, it is very important to bust all your health myths and follow the right path.

Following are the fitness myths.

  1. Fat is bad for the body

Excess fat is bad for the body bit some fat is required to make the body function properly. Fat helps the body in the absorption of vitamins and energy and also helps in the process of insulation.

It is advisable to avoid transfats and instead consume monounsaturated, polyunsaturated and saturated fats. For example, you can consume uncooked olive oil, nuts and avocado.

2. Avoid carbohydrates after six.

Avoiding carbohydrates after six may not create any magic in your routine. If you work out in the evenings, you need to have carbohydrates for your workout.

3. Crash diet yield healthy results

Crash diets are an easy way to get slim in a little amount of time, but they are not a healthy way of getting slim. They do not provide sustainable results.

If you cut out the essential nutrients from your body and follow FAD diets, it is not the right approach for the long term.  

4. Do cardio to lose weight.

You must have heard many people saying that cardio is the best exercise to lose weight. It is a myth, and many people think that sticking to cardio may help them get thin and healthy.

If you are willing to lose weight, the best way is to start with weights and finish with cardio as the body needs energy, and it takes energy from the sugar.

5. Sweating is equivalent to losing calories.

The amount of sweating doesn’t signify the number of calories you burn. Sweating depends on the reaction of your body to heat and what kind of exercise you are doing.

Sweating makes you lose water from the body and not fat. Sweating has got no relation with weight loss. Some people may sweat more naturally, while others may sweat less.

6. 7 days workout is important

When people start exercising, they believe that working out 7 days may help them lose more weight and help them get fit easily.

On the contrary, working out 7 days should be changed to a 5 day or a 6-day workout as the body needs time to rest and repair its torn tissues.

7. Every protein is the same.

There are different types of protein such as soy, whey, casein etc. You should consume protein based on its function and your purpose to consume it.

Seek expert advice to know more about protein types and choose what matches your health and fitness goals. Many health enthusiasts borrow on taken quick loans to buy all the expensive gym gear and supplements.

But before buying all this, it is important to have the right knowledge about fitness and then go for it.

8. Exercising alone helps you lose weight.

Alone exercising cannot help you lose weight if you do not control your diet and follow a healthy diet routine. Regular exercising is important, but it may speed the process of your weight loss along with a healthy diet.

9. To lose weight- Run.

Many people start with their exercise regime with running. They expect to lose weight, and when they don’t lose weight, they feel frustrated. Solely, running will not help you to lose weight.

To start burning your fat, you need to run for at least 30 minutes. Excess running is not good for joints and can cause severe joints pain if not done with precautions.  

Losing weight with interval training and weight is the best approach. If you combine running with your other workout, it is a very good way of training.  


Staying physically and mentally healthy is very important, and you should the right way to stay healthy. Following the right regime for your exercise, health, sleep contributes to your holistic health and fitness.

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