Goa’s things to do

You’re probably supposed to go to Goa if you are looking for lovely vibes, delicious coconut-borne curries, the wild nightlife, spice packages, and wicked adventures. In this vibrant Indian state, budding yogis, chasing ravers, aging hippies, and adventurous backpackers all come together. Read about our tried and tested things in Goa, if you still need to convince.

Sure, in a fun, exciting party that has been growing since the 1960s when the now renowned hippie trail began, travelers can get lost, but much more is needed in Goa. The beautiful contrast between tropical green jungles, Portuguese colonial architecture, and nebulous sandy beaches is a great adventure. The chilled-out Palolem Beach is surrounded by lovely, brightly colored huts in the south while Arambol’s hippy enclave in Northern Goa, which brings sunset every evening, is known by its smoky bonfires and drum circles. Do not miss the local flea markets that are the dream of a shopaholic. There are fragrant spices, handmade candy, and elegant clothes in the air, and don’t worry, nothing can be regarded as a false pas with the fashion atmosphere in Goa.

Alert! Alert! This paragraph contains clichés on travel: Goa, however, is a place where people find hidden gems. Goa has something for every backpacker whether you are developing your downward dog, cruising on winding roads on a motorcycle, or meeting people from around the world on a funky hostel scene. You will still feel the itch to go back long after you have left. Let us warn you that travelers often spend months extending their stay. Some even make the journey permanent.

1. Lease a motorcycle and explore the beaten path.

How does it sound at your own pace to explore a beautiful tropical landscape? Sky, right! Okay! The ultimate freedom is hiring a motorcycle, with endless beaches and a short journey from Indo-Portuguese architecture. For nostalgic (and Insta poser), the classic Royal Enfield, or, for a more affordable ride, a scooter with a non-veiled car is available. In any event, what bike you choose doesn’t matter – the cows still need to get on the road right!

Check the mirrors and then you get out. Make sure you donate the helmet like a young Darth Vadar. Let the strength be with you. Drive securely, please.

2. Find your favorite beach and catch a tan!

There is beach sky in Goa and everybody has their own atmosphere and character, so a lot to explore. Try Baga, Anjuna, and Arambol, all of them enticing a lively crowd in north Goa. On beaches like Palolem and Agonda, time is moving to the South a little slower. Palolem’s vibrant color and distinct character is a picturesque backdrop with long and overlapping palm trees and bright, colored huts. There are several cool restaurants and bars underneath the huts on the beach in the village environment. Defining Goan beach life relaxed!

Would you like to have a private beach? Tourists or sunbed robbers without salesmen? You can find a beach in Goa completely hidden. All right, we’re going to admit that it’s not going to be Leo in secret “The Beach.” Look for something more off the main beaches and there are a lot of peaceful ones, no one in sight – only the waves’ sound and the strange ‘moo’ of cows. Hop on and try finding a beach of the butterfly. It’s a little mission, but we think you will find a way!

For the beach bums in Goa there is almost too much choice, something to everyone’s enjoyment – tell us your favorite and we will tell you our favorite.

3. Do you chase cascades

Don’t stick to your usual beaches and hostels …

If you only have time to frolic one day, Dudhsagar Falls is a good choice. This three-in-one waterfall represents a great day trip and divides time between the days at the beach (yes, it’s a hard life in Goa). Make sure you have a swimming pool with you!

4. Explore your Zen with certain classes of yoga.

Be friendly and therapeutically and meditatively known for all things – yoga, tai chi, Reiki, and Ayurveda – are commonly practiced. While other parts of India are great in this respect, Goa has many healthy, after-class wellness centers and picturesque beaches as the backwater. Don’t worry if you’re unfamiliar – nobody cares and all levels take care of classes!

But if you are a keen yogi already, consider taking it up to a standard. You will find both rewarding and difficult courses. You can also become a certified yoga teacher at the end, as well as a great person for your personal well-being.

5. Dance in an emotional transition party in the night

Music symbolizes Goan culture, and it is difficult not to become engrossed in its magic.

Parties in cool beach shacks such as Curlies and Shiva’s have gone for years and as anybody or anything can’t feel out of place – an ethos from contemporary Goa hippie roots.

If you want to party in psytrance (a popular Goan genre), try Hilltop in Vagator – it’s a legendary Goan night club where you’ll find a mixture of ravers who love music, curious backpackers, and even old hippies who dance in shape.

6. Sunset by kayak

You can rent kayaks for an excellent price from most beaches. You can just relax on the shore when the sun goes down. Make sure your phone comes with a waterproof case since this is a Great Photo Chance!

7. Shop until the Anjuna Flea Market gets too hot.

Bamboo stalls pop up every Wednesday and turn most of Anjuna into a business hunter. Traders sell everything from handmade drinks to colorful sarees to fresh spices – even drinks and live music can be caught.

8. Review the Arambol hippie enclave

Arambol is the northern Goan countercultural location, with a spirit of freedom leftover from the hippie trail of the sixties. Please spend time at the beach and in the near future, you are immersed in drum circles, mediation, music, and singing. When you’re in February, make sure you hit the Carnival of Arambol that turns the generally sleepy beach into a wild and free festival of everything.

9. Local Goan Kitchen Feast

Some people consider a visit to Goa to be a pilgrimage for food. Goans have access to some of India’s finest seafood with a shoreline position – the Goan Crab Curry washed with a Kingfisher Beer is one way to the food sky!

Try Chouriço de Goa, a node to the Indo-Portuguese patrimony of this region in the form of a healed pork casserole. This is a unique dish you won’t find in India anywhere else.

The mix of Goa’s cultures has contributed to a lively cuisine, which knows how to excite or burn the taste buds!

10. Discover the funky scene of the hostel

Hostels at Goa have a relaxed atmosphere, they are cheap and socially exciting. You can find awesome Sun Yoga classes in the morning, adventurous day trips, parties tickets, and even temporary jobs for those who want to extend their trip.

Anjuna’s is close to psytrance festival and flea markets for a stay in Northern Goa, Vagator offers a bit of it all with a perfect location for reaching the best parties, beaches, cafes, and markets, while Arambol is the coolest with a feeling of a village.

Vagator is a dreamy place, surrounded by the jungle, which has a splendid pool and an open-air Bar for cocktails under the sun, where you find the laid back hippy paradise of the JUNGLE by the hostel crowd. They also have cozy common areas, an on-site restaurant that cooks deliciously healthy food, and free yoga classes.

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