How To Complete An Essay At The Last Minute?

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If you are going to write an essay in the last hour then instead of preaching to you that you should have done it earlier, we would like to say we understand! Student life is filled with last-minute task be it submitting assignments, executing coursework, or delivering the essay on time. But if it’s last minute there is no reason you can’t do well. A lot of things done at last minute excel because your brain cuts down all distraction and focus only on what’s important.

Now you might be thinking let’s hire a fast essay writing service rather than struggling on your own. Well, that is an option if you can afford a professional service. But most students are tight on their budget and fast service can come with a certain extra cost, we are going to tell you how it manages it yourself:

  • Calm yourself & accept that you have the challenge to meet

There you go! You need to calm down and just accept your situation. Panicking won’t help, as it will just waste more of your time. Simply divide your time equally for each no. of tasks at hand so that you can keep a track of time and work done together. Most essay help experts would recommend the same.

  • Choose a topic and get started with the outline immediately

Don’t brainstorm too many topics and go with the one where your knowledge lies. This will help you sail smoothly throughout your essay. Make the basic outline and follow the format.

  • Research your segments and get started with your first draft

There would be very little research needed as you have chosen a topic of interest. What information is missing or needed to support your concept find it and put it immediately in your draft? Start putting things together to get your first draft ready.

  • Tweak it as per guidelines and check formatting, editing, and proofreading

All left for you to do is now edit the whole document. Keep the editing simple such as grammar check, format check, etc. Don’t forget to check for plagiarism.


Do you still believe that you can’t write your essay in just a few hours? We promise you can if you just follow our guide above. Believe us when we say students get great results and cope up best with last-minute situations. So don’t feel low when you have little time for submission rather own it.

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