How to Find Someone’s Location by Cell Phone Number

Have you been wondering how to find someone’s location using their cell phone number?

Maybe you want to ensure your child’s safety without embarrassing him by asking his location. And you might want to confirm that your employees are indeed at the clients’ location when they claim to do so. Perhaps you wish to verify that your target is complying with the Geofence rules…

You see, there are ample reasons why one might want to track someone’s location without alerting them of this fact. Spyine has developed a wonderful application wherein you can simply type in phone number and find location.

Read on below and see for yourself how easy it is.

Part 1: Type In Phone Number And Find Location

Have you been puzzled over how to find someone’s location by cell phone number? And Sypine is your go-to app that can make this tough task mind-blowingly simple.

Just type in phone number and find location. Impressive, isn’t it? And This app is nothing short of a magic wand that facilitates one in tracking phone number 24*7. What’s more, it works completely discreetly and your target will have no knowledge that he is being monitored.

It is a hallmark of its trustworthy nature and popularity that it’s being used by millions of people worldwide. Spyine is a big name in the phone monitoring apps circle and keeps getting featured by renowned media publications. It has also garnered high praise from the industry experts.

1.1 Spyine solution

Using Spyine, you can track phone location by number very easily. It works for both Android and iPhone.

The reason Spyine is so popular is because the app-developers have been really thoughtful of all user requirements. They have incorporated many useful features and functionalities in the app. This also gives it an upper hand over many other spy apps in the market.

We’ve studied Sypine’s features in detail and have explained them below in a simple language. Read on. We’re sure you’ll be as impressed as us.

  • Super-quick Installation: When we say fast, we mean really fast. The Android app is up and running within 5 minutes and you can start tracking phone numbers right away.
  • No rooting for Android app: With many other Android spying apps, you need to root the phone for app installation. It’s not just cumbersome, but also has lasting consequences as it can void the device warranty. Spyine is excellent as it works without rooting.
  • Stealth-mode technology: You can easily remove all traces of this app from the target’s phone by hiding the app icon. So, Spyine will keep running in the background, while the target won’t have any clue at all.
  • App size is really small: It’s less than 2M, significantly lesser than other spying apps in the market. In case you don’t know, a phone’s memory space utilization has a direct correlation with its speed and operating performance.

Several other spy apps in the market consume a lot of memory space and make the phone slow. Now, if the target gets suspicious that something is wrong, won’t the very purpose of the spying app get defeated? That’s why we hail this small-sized nature of Spyine.

  • Low battery consumption: Spy apps have to run 24*7 to aid in phone location tracking. So they must not consume excessive processing power and cause battery drainage. Spyine overcomes this potential problem as well.
  • Remote uninstallation of the app is feasible: Accessing the target’s phone again and again can be problematic for you. Spyine’s design team understood this. That’s why you never need to touch the Android phone after the first time installation.

Moreover, once your cell phone tracking need has been fulfilled, you can uninstall the app remotely. All it takes is one click from the control panel.

  • Remote Installation on iOS: This is a really powerful feature for the iPhone users. With Spyine, you can do installation and monitoring without ever touching the phone. The only thing you’ll need is the target’s iPhone login credentials.
  • No Jail-breaking on iPhone: The internet is filled with iPhone location tracking methods that first need you to jailbreak the device. Now we can say from our experience that this is a herculean task for beginners.

With Spyine, you can track location by number without jail-breaking the phone and without installing any software on it.

Don’t you agree that Spyine has awesome features and it deserves to be amongst the top cell phone number trackers?

In the next section, we’ll take you step-by-step through Spyine, and you’ll learn how to track a phone number.

1.2 How to Find Someone’s Location Using Their Cell Phone Number

Wondering how to track someone’s phone? Spyine can get you started in a matter of a few minutes.

Note that the steps are different for Android and iOS-based operating systems. We’ve explained them below:

Step-1: Signing up

First of all, visit the Sign-up section of Spyine website. Create a new account for yourself by choosing the desired login credentials. (We advise you to remember the username and password details as you will be using them multiple times).

This is a fairly straightforward process, common for both iPhone and Android devices, and won’t take more than a few seconds.

Step-2: Getting started

The next steps will depend on whether the target has an Android-based phone or an iPhone.

a.) For Android Users:

You need to access the target’s phone for a short time if it runs on an Android operating system. We assure you that this is required only once, just during the installation time. Later on, you’ll never need to physically access the target’s phone.

Now, click on the link to allow Spyine app to get downloaded on the phone. The setup instructions are very simple, just like every other app. You’ll be asked certain permissions during the app set-up. Approve them for the app to run smoothly.

As you can see, you are never prompted to root the phone. And there is no disclaimer here either. You can access all of Spyine’s features without rooting or having to risk your phone’s warranty.

Once you have installed the app, we advise you to use Spyine’s wonderful “stealth-mode” feature. Hide the app icon remotely and the target will virtually never learn of this app’s presence on his phone.

Here we’ll also take a moment to caution you. We’ve heard of some spying apps which claim that they can be installed without ever physically accessing the phone. It is technically impossible. Be careful as these might be fraud apps trying to harm you by stealing your valuable information.

b.) For iPhone Users:

For iOS users, Spyine is especially powerful. You can start to track a phone number without ever having touched the iPhone. Neither do you need to install any software on the device. The entire solution is cloud-based and remote.

The way it works is that you will be asked to provide the iCloud login ID and password of the target iPhone. Nothing more. No jailbreaking. No sneaking around the target to get your hands on his phone.

Now you can put your feet up and rest easy as you are all set to track iPhone with phone number.

Step-3: Find location by phone number

You are now through with the set-up. Log in to your Spyine account by using the same user ID and password as in Step-1. The screen immediately before you is the Control panel. Navigate through the dashboard on the left side and click on the Location tab.

This location tab has various features that allow you to easily track someone by phone number. You’ll notice that there is a map and the target’s recent locations are marked on it. There is a location log as well.

In Part 2, we have explained what all location details are available to you with Spyine.

We understand that you might still be having several doubts. Since seeing is often better than reading, we invite you to check out Spyine’s live demo. It is an excellent way to get a feel of the Spyine’s interface.

So you see, getting started with Spyine to track someone is as easy as a click. There is no need to trouble your head with complicated user instruction manuals. Neither would you be wasting precious minutes in understanding any confusing user interface.

1.3 Spyine can do much more than tracking phone number location

Here we’ll take just a brief detour to highlight that Spyine goes much beyond being a cell phone number tracker. You’ll be pleasantly surprised to know about its various capabilities.

Spyine was designed to be an all-round spying app with far-reaching possibilities. You can use it to hack someone’s social media accounts such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Snapchat, etc, and read their to and fro messages in real-time.

For Android users, Spyine has another interesting feature called the “Keylogger”. It is a program that logs each and every key tapped by the phone user. This opens a whole new world of spying possibilities. For example, you can learn the target’s various passwords and track him from there.

All this is possible simply from one click on the Spyine’s dashboard. You might want to take a few moments to explore Sypine’s interface.

Part2: How to Find Someone’s Location by Cell Phone Number

Spyier is another app that lets you find someone’s location with ease. Once you have set up your Spyier account, you can start tracking the phone number right away. Simply type in phone number and find location. You will get information about both the GPS and Wifi-based locations of your target.

Spyier is very precise in terms of location tracking. You can learn both the address as well as the geographical coordinates (longitude & latitude) of your target.

What’s more, you will not just know the current live location, but also all past location history as well. Spyier is really great in this regard. It gives you a detailed record- including information on when the target entered the location and when he exited from there.

You can make customized settings to automatically update the target’s location in regular time intervals. The smallest setting is 6 minutes duration.

Part3: How to Find Current Location by Phone Number Free

Wondering what are the various other ways to track with phone numbers?

The internet is filled with apps and websites that claim to find someone’s location by phone number. However some of these methods are not as good as others.

You must be thorough in your research as it could be disastrous if you end up with a wrong app. Users often give discreteness as their No.1 priority while using apps like this to track with phone number. So, make sure the app you choose is 100% discreet.

Not only this, but there is also a privacy and security risk that goes hand in hand with location tracking. Choose an app that keeps the target’s location as safe.

Another app that is equally as good as Spyine is Cocospy. And Many people use it for tracking cell phone location. It is also highly rated by experts because of easy installation and user-friendly interface. So if you want to explore more options, you may begin from here.

With Cocospy, you can track phone number in a hassle-free, quick, and safe manner. And All you need to do is type in phone number and find location free.


How to find someone’s location by cell phone number?  We are sure you now know how to do it.

Use Spyine, top-rated spying app trusted by millions and locate phone number easily. All that’s to be done is type in phone number and find location. And Spyine’ impressive features like stealth-mode technology, low memory footprint, and battery consumption make it virtually undetectable.

Spyine can get you started in a few minutes, without any hassle of jailbreaking or rooting the device. And With its detailed location history, tracking phone number was never easier than it is now. So, wait no more! Get started today and give your mind the much-needed peace.

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