How to Fix Erectile Dysfunction at a Young Age in Men’s?

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Erectile dysfunction that was previously called impotence is generally misunderstood among people all over the world. Although erectile dysfunction is associated with increasing age, it can also affect men at a young age. Detailed Information down here

Do young Men suffer from Erectile Dysfunction? 

✱ Over half of the male population believe that erectile dysfunction is an issue in adult men who have crossed their 40s. But well this is not the case, erectile dysfunction can also affect young men.

✱  According to research 8% of men who are aged between 20 to 29 face erectile dysfunction, and 11% of men whose age is 30-39 years face this issue. Also, they had separate data of under 40 people seeking erectile dysfunction medication.

✱ There are innumerable reasons that are held responsible for causing erectile dysfunction at a young age. Some of them are:

🔘 Suffering from anxiety, depression, or any sense of shamefulness about intimacy. 
🔘 Having stress daily be for any issue.
🔘 Heavy consumption of alcohol and smoking. 

🔘 Daily consumption of recreational drugs.
🔘 Suffering from obesity and being overweight.

🔘 The sedentary lifestyle does not involve any physical activity.
🔘 Consuming bodybuilding supplements, testosterone booster for erectile dysfunction medication without consulting a doctor. 

What is the role of aging in erectile dysfunction?

✱ The prime risk factor linked to erectile dysfunction that cannot be avoided is age. According to studies, it is clear that there will be 40% chances of men having ED problems after they cross the age of 40, and surprisingly the risk also increases by 10% with each passing decade.

✱ Although the risk of erectile dysfunction increases with developing age, age does not alone cause ED. It is a normal part of aging only after the 80s. And It can be battled off using medications like Levitra 10 mg Vardenafil,

✱ The men who are growing older can develop several diseases that contribute to erectile dysfunction like:

🔘 Type-2 diabetes.
🔘 Blood pressure and hypertension.

🔘 Atherosclerosis
🔘 Hypogonadism.
🔘 Obesity.

✱ As per experts, the two most contributing factors for ED are diabetes and atherosclerosis. Also, not only illness but erectile dysfunction can be adverse effects of different medications old age people need to consume. 

What is the correct measure to treat erectile dysfunction in young men?

✱ When you find any of the persisting symptoms of ED, you must immediately visit the doctor and get a diagnosis.

✱ This is the first step you take ahead of getting treatment. Nextly as soon as the doctor finds out the cause of your issue either he will prescribe you treatment or it will refer you to the urologist. Certainly, there are many ED treatments available such as:

Much needed changes in lifestyle:

✱ Healthy eating, exercising, and involvement in physical activities are what you need to cure erectile dysfunction.

✱ This lifestyle will also aid you to lose weight and overcome obesity. Ban smoking and limit your alcohol consumption.

✱ Also if you want the aid of natural herbs consult your doctor, find the right one and have it. Visit a therapist and get your depression treated to see better results. 

Oral medication:

✱ Oral medications are known to be the first-line treatment for impotence. The oral medications used in treating erectile dysfunction are PDE-5 inhibitors and are only prescription drugs.

✱ Before any other major treatments, it is given priority. PDE-5 enzyme is thought to hinder the action of Nitric Oxide. But Nitric Oxide is very much important to boost blood flow to the p*nis. Some of the ED oral medications are:

Vardenafil ( Generic Levitra 60 mg

Sildenafil ( Viagra)

Tadalafil (Cialis 40mg)

Vaccines for ED:

✱ Certain intracavernosal injections are efficiently used to overcome ED.

✱ An injection that has a dose of Alprostadil is given into the p*nis base 5 to 30 minutes before intercourse. You can have this injection three times per week.

✱ And there must be a gap of 24 hours between each dose. You can also face adverse effects like burning and pain in the genital area. 

Suppositories for ED:

✱ You can also employ intraurethral suppositories to treat erectile dysfunction. Alprostadil is a suppository available for treating impotence.

✱ You can get it under the name MUSE. These are to be used before 5 to 10 minutes of involvement in any intercourse activity.

✱ Give a gap of 24 hours between each dose and use it only twice a week. The side effects are the same as for injections.

Devices for ED:

✱ You can use Vacuum construction devices as an alternative treatment for erectile dysfunction if medicines fail to work.

✱ These devices are safe and effective enough to use.
You just have to kept the cylinder over the p*nis and then a vacuum is generated inside it.

✱ This will lead to an erection, the erection is preserved by a band that is placed on the base. Then remove the cylinder and remember to take the band out after 30 minutes.

Surgery for ED:

✱ The last option for men to win the battle against ED is surgery. You can get a penile implant that is known as a penile prosthesis.

✱ In this, it generally happens to bend the p*nis down to have urination and up to have intercourse.

✱ There are heavy risk factors associated with ED and hence it must be adopted after all other treatment fails. You can also try improving blood flow to the p*nis through vascular surgery. 

In Conclusion:

✱ With passing days ED is growing common among men of young age, and this is an issue to stress upon.

✱ Therefore if you have any long-running erection issues you just see a medical professional. ED might also be an indication of an underlying disease that needs immediate treatment.

✱ Your doctor might prescribe you any of the treatments mentioned above. But remember never try any erectile dysfunction treatment without consulting a doctor. 


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