How to Get Yourself into a Band: A Guide

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Written By Sahil Kumar

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Being a part of a band, playing music together with friends is one of life’s greatest joys. But the problem is, few people play an instrument to the level at which they’ll be able to join such an outfit: they simply don’t have the skills. These take time to develop and, even then, you’ll need other skills to be a member of a band. So here, we’ll talk you through the boxes you’ll need to tick to make your way into a band, playing the music you love, or you’ve written with others. 

Learning to Play

The first port of call is, of course, getting yourself an instrument that typically features in a band. Here, we’re talking the guitar, the bass, or the drums – solid bets for any band. But you might wish to push the boat out a little and join a band with a unique and powerful sound – something like the saxophone, which often takes center stage in pop ballads. You can take saxophone lessons for beginners online to build up your skills to the level at which you can join a band and offer this unique, smooth, and beautiful sound to a group of like-minded musicians. 


When you have the skills to play an instrument under your belt, you still need to find people to play with in a band. Unfortunately, bands looking for new members with your instrument are often few and far between, which means that your best bet will often be to form a band with your contacts. You can do this by approaching someone you know who plays an instrument and starting to practice and play together. Over time you’ll meet new people or find new members so that your brand increases in size and begins to have all the right instruments to create brilliant music. 


One of the key considerations when you’re forming a band, is the style of music you’d like to play together. This will, to some extent, be dictated by the instruments that you’re using. If you happen to have a violin, for instance, it might be difficult to play hard rock. Making a decision on the kinds of tracks you’d like to cover, and the music you’d like to play is an important step for a band. Make sure you’re all on the same page and everyone’s passionate about the same music to make the most long-lasting and happy bands. 


While some bands simply enjoy jamming together and making music, others have ambitions to go out and perform. It might seem like a long journey from now – especially if you’re a novice musician – but it’s a great guiding star and an ambition that you can work towards. Once you’re happy with how you’re playing, and your band can keep time well together, playing in a venue is always an option – even if it’s just your local bar or even your livings room in the company of friends. 

Make your passion for music into something more by forming a band, getting together with friendly music fans who are in step with your preferences.

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