How to make your garden a true showpiece with a few simple features

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Written By Sahil Kumar

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If you are looking for a way to show off your garden, there are a few better ways than adding a few simple features. Not only will these projects give your garden an easy-to-maintain look and feel, but they also don’t come with the high costs or time investment that some of the major renovation projects might require.

1) Pergola

Although a pergola can easily cost between $2000 and $5000 depending on the materials, you select and installation, a pergola can really be a showpiece for your garden. Pergolas are perfect for displaying climbing plants as well as providing a covered area for an outdoor dining room. Some pergolas are free-standing, and others can be attached to your house, but either way, they provide an elegant look to your property. When the proper planning and materials are used, you can design an elaborate pergola to anchor your entire backyard renovation project with a focal point that everyone will notice.

2) Install a Gravel Driveway

Gravel is the perfect material to use for a driveway. When you have a large enough area (at least 10 feet wide) for at least a 30-inch-wide gravel drive, you have instant curb appeal. Even if you have only a strip of concrete on your driveway, adding several tons of gravel with decorative rock fills can really improve the way that your driveway looks. It’s not difficult to find out how to make the perfect gravel driveway. Alternatively, you can always call a contractor.

3) Stone Walkways

Stone walkways are not just for gardens with a rustic feel. Stone can be used in all sorts of ways to create pathways and walkways that will add a designer feel to your property. Granite, limestone, marble, and other types of stones can all be used to create the perfect stone walkway. The trick to using these stones is simply knowing how much stone you need, what kind of cuts you want, and how much it will cost. The possible cost savings from doing the work yourself is significant.

4) Have a Water Feature

Water features don’t have to look like your local park. A water feature that is designed to fit in your flowerbed can be just what you need to bring your garden together. Pondless water features, fountains, and other types of features can be installed by you or by an experienced contractor, but they are definitely worth the money that they cost because they add such a pleasant feel to any backyard.

5) Install a Fireplace or Insert

A fireplace made of brick or stone is perfect for showing off in an outdoor setting. You can build one yourself with simple plans that are easily found on the internet or by doing an internet search for “DIY fireplace.

There you have it. These five features are all low-cost and simple to install, but they transform the look of your backyard and make it a perfect showpiece. Consider adding one or more of these features to your garden this year so that you can enjoy a designer-quality garden in no time!

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