How Voice Search Will Change Digital Marketing

These days voice search is a new trend that changes the way people used to think while searching for their queries online. Before the innovation of the voice search option we normally used to type our query in the form of text online on search engine pages. Text queries take ages if you are searching for more than hundreds of queries at one time. If your website is not fully responsive to voice search then you should take assistance from a Digital Marketing Company In India. It increases your chances of getting more visitors online.

What Do You Mean By Voice Search?

When we are discussing voice search some people might get confused about what we are saying. Voice search is the personal voice digital assistant or the entry point that recognizes your voice for search & gives your answer. In Google, it is a microphone option, Siri in Apple gadgets, Cortona on desktop, Alexa in Amazon, or many more. 

Age Group Using Voice Search

Mostly the age group which is surprisingly adopting this effective method of search is 44+. The reason behind using voice search is to receive accurate results every single time. Voice search might be considered easier in case of typing long queries or working with those tiny buttons of mobile phones which can be a real struggle.

Why Do We Use Voice Search So Often?

Voice recognition is a quite effective method of searching. We do not need to struggle with receiving wrong information after typing long texts. These digital personal assistants give you the exact information along with extra add-ups. You need to just choose what query solution or link answers your question.

How Voice Search Trend Is Increasing

Yes of course the trend of voice recognition is widely emerging or growing among different people. People are completely fascinated by voice activated searches all around the world. We have popular statistics by renowned companies showing that voice searches are growing day by day.

  • 50% of total searches were voice searches till 2020.
  • More than 50% of households in the USA have their voice activated speaker.
  • 58% of people are using voice assistants to find local businesses.
  • 20% of mobile searches are done with voice activated methods.
  • Almost every family in the USA holds Siri or Alexa speakers for their daily use.

Text Queries Versus Voice Search Queries

  • Whenever you type down your text queries you always keep short or generic but at the same time voice search searches are more conversational & long.
  • While voice searching people normally try to ask question phrases as compared to normal generic phrases.
  • Voice searches make all the searches more specific. It makes us understand what exactly the user is looking for.
  • Voice recognition provides you more of local based results as compared to text searches.
  • You will get instant results with a call of action while searching your query with voice search.

How Does Voice Search Affect SEO?

Voice recognition is going to impact SEO or the digital marketing field a lot. The reason behind is the way you search for your query on the search engine. Before voice search, you need to type a keyword that only includes two to four words. These kinds of generic keywords with searches you can easily stuff in your content. 

But after voice search, people are more specific or conversational about their query. You can’t mention these keywords here and there. You need to update your content now by keeping user experience in mind. 

Voice recognition was basically invented to make the user experience better than usual. Digital Marketing Company In India can help you in increasing voice searches online.

Ways to Optimize for Voice Search

Mobile Responsive Design

If your website is not mobile-friendly then it could be difficult for you to achieve optimal voice search results. Whether you are looking for results from text searches or voice searches your website needs to be responsive. It provides the best user interface experience which keeps the user on your website for a longer period. For example, when you search for a query or open a webpage that looks like a mess. If you will not be able to read the information you are likely to bounce back from that website. So always create a website that is user-friendly or readable.

Create Content People Are Searching For

While searching for queries online you may come across the section people ask for. This section contains the questions people are generally asking about your topic. Like whenever you voice recognition for something you will have amazing questions that you can create content on. Create content so that when people search for queries they will be able to reach out to your content instantly.

Maintain Local Listings

Putting the main emphasis on local search is the most important when we try to generate more visitors from the local area. We use this search on our mobile devices to get accurate results. In that case, you have to optimize your local listing profiles to attain more results or reviews. 

Digital Marketing Company In India helps you in creating google my business profiles to get more leads in your nearby location. Always use proper near me tags, business name, local reviews is a plus, HD quality pictures & much more in your local listings.

Use Of Schema Mark-Up

Structured Data gives detailed information to Google about your website. It does not improve your rankings or position on search engine pages. But it helps Google to understand more about your content, contact details, location, or other informational details so that whenever a user does a voice search the schema markup will show your website in results.


If you want to rank on more and more keywords you need to be prepared for voice searches. The number of voice searches are increasing day by day. This can be tricky for your business if you are not optimizing your website according to new Google voice searches trends.Digital Marketing Company In India can assure you that the website traffic will increase through voice searches.

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