InChart Trading review – a solid trading platform 2022

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Written By Sahil Kumar

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How often do you see advertisements offering to sign up with a broker and make thousands and thousands of dollars? I can bet it happens a lot, especially if you’re on your way to becoming a trader and you do a thorough research about everything you get your hands on.

The thing you have surely figured out by now is that the vast majority of these ads you see now and then are, in most cases, nothing but scam. No reliable broker will promise you a lot of money or risk-free trading. Forex market is unpredictable, so the only thing you can do is prepare yourself by doing research and enriching yourself with valuable and useful knowledge. This InChart Trading review can be helpful for you.

Your journey as a trader will start as soon as you find a trustworthy broker you can rely on. This broker will never make any promises regarding you getting rich quickly. Its just not something that usually happens, its not how trading works.

With all that being said, lets look at another broker: here is InChart Trading review.

Review of InChart Trading Group

On its website InChart Trading Group states that it is a fully authorized platform provider offering CFDs and Forex trading. Lets find out more details about this broker.

Different devices friendly platform

InChart Trading offers different options to their clients when it comes to a trading platform. You can use the platform for desktop as well as install a mobile app. By using WebTrader you save your time because there is no need to install any software.

If you’re always on the go, there’s an option for you to install a mobile app so you can have quick access to the market at any time on your Android device.


Every broker has to offer something special to make you choose them. InChart Trading provides advanced charting tools, free research materials, free trading software that is easy to install (WebTrader), access to many technical indicators, back test strategies. It is also worth mentioning that EAs are supported and hedging trades are allowed and supported. Their platform is also available in a variety of different languages, which is extremely convenient and makes this broker available internationally. English, German, Russian and Polish are some languages that are accessible.

Advanced charting tools

That’s what can be found on InChart Trading’s web page:

«The WebTrader platform comes fully installed with an advanced charting package containing more than 30 technical indicators to support your trading decisions.»

This is very good news, considering the fact that charts play a vital role in successful trading. Studying charts is a part of technical analysis, which allows you to evaluate investments and identify trading opportunities by analyzing trends represented by charts.

Free research materials

There’s no need to go deeper into details about why research materials are extremely important and how great it is that some brokers provide it for free. Research is a crucial step when it comes to trading, you can never skip it or do it poorly. All that’s left for you to do is make good use of these materials (like market updates and latest analysts’ picks from their own research team).

Technical indicators

The main purpose of indicators is to generate trading signals that allow you to open a position to sell or buy an asset at the right time. You want technical indicators to be provided by the broker if you would like to make your trading experience convenient and successful.

What can you trade?

So what can you trade with InChart Trading? There are a lot of options, which include commodities (precious metals), currency pairs, stocks, indices and cryptocurrencies.

Account options

Now that you know what you can trade, let’s look at account options you can have with InChart Trading. First of all, a real account. Real account is an account that retains and rolls forward its ending balance at the end of the year.

Second option is Islamic account. Accounting in Islam is a moral and ethical code of conduct and there is no concept of interest. This account is made for people professing the Islamic faith, so that they can take part in trading without violating the law of their religion.

Demo account is also available. Demo account is a type of account that allows you to make a try at trading. It is funded with fake money so that you can try it out before setting up a real account.

Trading Requirements

There are also some trading requirements:

You have to be at least 18 years old to start trading with this broker and to fund your personal account for $250.


You can fund your account using a credit or debit card or transfer funds from your bank account. InChart Trading does not accept cheque or cash deposits. They also ask you to make sure that any payment you make to fund your account is made from a card in your name, no third-party sources.

Here’s how you can fund your account step by step:

  1. Log in;
  2. Click on Funding;
  3. Select Deposit Method;
  4. Complete the Fields;
  5. Make a Deposit.

Customer Support

Customer support is just as important as a lot of other different features we have already gone through. InChart Trading is always here for you. And by «always» I mean customer support is available around the clock. There is a phone number and an email address given on their web page. You can also use a chat bot for faster communication.


No trader can achieve success without a reliable licensed broker. That’s why it’s so important to do your research and find the one who suits you the best. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and never hurry the process. Trading requires a lot of time and dedication, so if you really want to get into it, be ready to commit. 

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