Marketing Strategy: why marketing is important to an organisation

According to Ricky, a senior consultant at Myassignmenthelp– “Marketing plays an important role in organizational success. In modern business context, it is important for organization in differentiating itself from competition, otherwise it is not possible to establish itself as a significant business entity that is defined by its brand value.

Marketing also helps organization in empowering its employees in achieve organizational excellence as people works for a common goal which is to serve consumer better and increase sales for the organization. Along with this, creating a brand value is another important organizational goal that employees work for.

Therefore, it is important to analyse benefits of marketing for the organization for designing an effective marketing strategy. Some of the benefits of effective marketing for the organization are the followings:

Communication with consumers:

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In ensuring organizational success and creating brand value through its products or services it is important to ensure communication with consumers. When consumers have proper idea regarding products and services of the company, then it is easier for the consumers in making informed decision regarding purchase of products. When consumers are convinced that the products or services that the organization offers is consistent with their requirements, then they are most likely to consider products or services offered by that organization. Therefore, marketing plays an important role in ensuring organizational success as well.

Create identity of brand:

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In order to achieve excellence in a market it is important to create a brand identity for the organization. People do not purchase product only for their requirements, they chose brands that suits their personality and this is where marketing has an important role to play. People recognizes famous brand for their marketing that creates an impact on the consumers. Marketing identifies social and cultural aspects of the consumers and integrate those aspects in branding of their products and services. This helps in creating a brand identity that consumer considers while purchasing some products or services offered by the organization as well.

Helping consumers in purchasing product:

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When consumers want to purchase products or services, they do not want to spend much time in researching about those products or services. Therefore, consumers should have a clear idea from where they will purchase those products or services. If organization ensures effective marketing then it provides organizations easier access to products and services they are looking for. Therefore, it enhances sales of the products and services for the organization as well.

Enhance business process:

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When there is proper coordination between marketing and organizational strategies, then it is possible to implement strategic marketing. Strategic marketing is capable of enhancing business process and therefore, it is important for the organization like If organization ensures effective implementation of strategic marketing it helps in educating consumers, engage them with business, ensure a reputation for the brand which is required for selling products to consumers. All of these aspects important for enhancing business process as well.

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