Mens vest and cheap shopping apps in India

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Mens vests are the shirts that have no sleeves. They are a comfortable inner wear and is worn by both men and women. This inner wear is now can be worn outside the homes as a fashion statement. These  are used as undershirts meant for hot countries like India where the summer temperature touches 48 degrees in certain parts of our country. These undershirts or vests are made up of very soft cotton and are capable of resisting heat and  absorbs sweat. In India this inner wear is also called as baniyan in most parts of the country and is also known as genji in West Bengal. 

Now a days these undershirts a available in different styles and colors. Even the designing has shown great innovation. Companies like VIP and Dollar has gifted the men  and women of India with improved fabric and designs that are being used in manufacturing the vests. Some newer designs offer smaller arm holes for the women so that they able to conceal their breasts . Men always prefer bigger arm holes so that they are able to show their mascular bodies specially their biceps. Therefore these vests are also known as the muscle shirt. One can find many body builders wearing them when they go for workouts in a gym. They make sure to carry these vests in their bags.

Most men and women wear these vests in colors like red, green , yellow and blue. A latest trend is a camouflage printed round neck vests that men and women wear them with denims and shorts. The camouflage printed vests  gives uniqueness to the wearer and seriously they really look smart on those vests. The other colors in demand that are very popular are white, black and mustard. The modern men and women wear the vests as a casual attire with jeans and shorts. Some men vests are worn with Lungis in south India. Lungis are a single lower wrap around like saris and are also available in variety of hades and designs. These upper body under shirts can be bought through cheap shopping apps in India.

The vests are not only worn in the indoor situations but they have strong presence in the field of sports too. For all the national and international track and field events across the globe, these vests are worn by both men and women athletes representing their respective countries. The Olympians since the past are seen wearing these vests made from nylon and spandex with the logo of their countries printed on them. Indian contingent wear dark blue vests with our national flag printed on top on both front and back panel. Even in sports like basket ball , the players wear these vests. The players look smart and stylish donning these vests.

As these vests are very comfortable, the demand for them is always on a rise. Many new companies and start ups come up with innovative ideas when it comes to designing of these upper body garments. The newest technology and the finest material is used for the vests that are meant for household purposes. Some vests are made from ribbed cotton and are extremely soft. These vests from ribbed cotton are so soft that they do not irritate the skin and work as sweat absorbent. This material doesn’t make your undershirt cling with the outer garment during the summers and during the rainy season when you face sultry heat and sticky weather conditions.

These upper body Mens vest can be bought from cheap shopping apps in India. Now a days, due to the corona virus situation , people prefer to buy them from various online shopping apps in India. These sites offer a variety of vests on their online shopping platforms which are cheap shopping apps and you can get from needle to anything there. Some online shopping  sites like flip kart and Amazon are great to visit and you can find lots of discounts being offered there especially during this festive season. Importantly you need not go from markets to malls in search of your favourite vests. You are just a click away from striking the bargain for Mens Vests and cheap shopping apps in India!

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