Mobile App Penetration Testing Tools & Service Providers

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Nowadays, mobile apps have become a self-sufficient way to run a business and earn money. And as we all know, where the money – there are criminals. They will look for the security vulnerabilities in your mobile application to exploit them for profit. And sadly, they are finding new methods every day, so a threat snowballs.

Luckily there are some helpful tools to prevent troubles like mobile application penetration testing. Keep reading to uncover mechanisms and mobile penetration testing providers.

What is mobile application penetration testing?

Mobile application pentesting is a process to find vulnerabilities in your mobile app security and remediate them. To reach that goal, a special team of professionals performs something called ethical hacking. It mimics an actual hacker attack, which can be done manually and as an automated program.

This type of security testing allows app developers to understand flaws in the system better. Pen testing team reports on the found vulnerabilities after the session, and also tools to remediate them. So that way, developers can quickly reinforce the security system of their mobile apps.

Is penetration testing enough to protect your phone?

So it appears that you can find many of the app’s exploitable vulnerabilities via penetration testing tools. But there are many more places on your phone where fraudsters can realize their malicious intentions.

If you don’t want to become a victim of hackers, you can reinforce your knowledge about mobile devices security. To do that, check out this guide on how to stop hackers on your phone.

Types of mobile apps

So before starting, let’s understand the main types of mobile applications. They are classified into three main types:

  • Native mobile apps. Most of the Android and ios apps are ranked as native. They are basic applications that are run from the icon on the screen. You can download android mobile apps and ios apps from the Play Market/App Store.
  • Browser Apps. They are downloaded via browser and have no dependence on the mobile device. Whether you have an ios device or Android, you can download them from a browser directly.
  • Hybrid mobile apps. You can run this type of app on any mobile device. You can download them from a Play Market/App Store or browser.

Mobile security testing guide. What to focus on?

There are a few main parameters to check while performing penetration testing. Before running a test, it is essential to know what you want to get from this test and what to work on.

Data storage is one of the main pinpoints to examine, as it is a goldmine for fraudsters. If hackers can access your data storage, they can use acquired sensitive information to get your money and even clients’ personal information.

Architecture testing will uncover specific flaws in ios and android applications. This is an essential step as it will find possible scenarios of cyber attacks.

Session management weaknesses are usually detected after mobile app pen-testing. It finds how fraudsters can steal data while shared during management sessions.

Tools and services to use for mobile application penetration testing

Now you know all the fundamentals of mobile apps and penetration testing. Then, it is time to dive into the most efficient tools and services for mobile app pentest. The following services are well-known and widely used to keep your mobile application security at its highest.

Mobile security framework

The mobile security framework (MobSF) is a great tool that conducts both static and dynamic analysis of your mobile app. In addition to that, it provides malware analysis and works on every mobile platform. Furthermore, it is an automated program that you can apply to both ios and android apps.


Frida is a profound toolkit that uses javascript to conduct penetration testing on your native apps. Its dynamic toolkit works great for developer purposes, including reverse engineering. Moreover, it is free software so that you can try it out with no potential regrets.


Next on our list is a diverse and simple penetration testing tool called Drozer. Its main feature is static analysis of the app, which does an excellent job of finding weaknesses in the source code. It has a base of the most widespread vulnerabilities and actively works on exploiting them in your app. This service is considered an essential step for Android apps testing.


Nikto is a scanner of web servers that applies multiple methods to check their security. It examines your app for outdated versions of the servers and looks for potentially dangerous files. It is mainly used to find configuration flaws of an app’s web server and find old and vulnerable software versions.

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