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Thanks to the new improvements in the sphere of technology, today the global community is facing the new types of currencies and changes in finance. Surely these changes bring up the needs for new types of services for covering all these new improvements for people around the world. Currently, we can see many new platforms that are trying to cover and provide users the new required services. In this regard, we will write about Monolith, as one of the online platforms that is providing users all necessary services that connect to crypto and new types of currencies.

Monolith & Its Activities

As mentioned above, Monolith is providing users with all services that are connected to crypto and new types of currencies. With this platform, users will be able to buy, spend and save crypto to gain more interest. Monolith, for more ease of its users, is providing different types of services in case of crypto. With Monolith wallet, customers will be able to have a access to their funds in virtual world, will have their own portal to their funds, will have a access to all market rates and possibility to switch from one to another as fast as possible and also customers will be able to use their Visa or Mastercards for buying DAI/ ETH directly from the Monolith app with a low fee. Additionally, Monolith is providing users with a Visa debit card that allows users to access their funds as easily as possible, spend it anywhere, trach their funds by the link between app and card and use transparent fees. It is worthy to mention that the 1% of every transaction with the card is going to the community Chest, it is a smart contract that collects community contribution. Should be noted that with the TKN option for top up the card, there will be no fees for users. 

Monolith Security 

For sure, on any platform, the issue of security is one of the most important terms for users around the world. However Monolith can be counted as one the most safe online platforms because of its special features in this field. With daily spend limit, this platform is protecting the users funds, with Biometrics technology Monolith made the platform more secure than before and additionally the private key of each user is stored in the secure enclave. Should be noted that with Monolith, all contracts are open sources and the contract wallet has a triple audited externally. 


With a new discovery in the global community and especially with the new type of currencies, the world required new types of services that can cover and provide users with new possibilities. In this regard, we believe that Monolith with its special features in case of crypto and new currencies, its secure atmosphere and platform, not just currently can be a good option for users, but also it  can be a perfect service in the future for all users around the world.  

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