Must read before watching project free tv shows in 2021!

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Are you still looking for project free tv to watch your favorite shows and movies for free? 

If yes, you can find tons of project free tv alternative sites, but you should know some facts, history, and questions’ answers about it, its shows, and its alternatives.

People worldwide, especially in America, love to spend their leisure time watching Hollywood movies and different TV shows.

That’s why project free tv come into taking place to serve different movies and shows.

Well, if you are one of them who love watching online content, then stick around till the end of this article.  

This article will point out some critical issues about visiting unblocked project free tv, some pros-cons, and it’s alternatives.

What exactly project free tv is

It was one of the most popular free online video streaming websites offering different tv shows and the latest movies.

It was started in 2007 and officially closed in 2015! 

It’s users could watch their favorite shows like rick and morty, jane the virgin, doctor who, keeping up with the kardashians, and a lot more.

Its users could also watch:

Latest and old movies: 

An extensive collection of old and new movies were available on project free tv so that anytime, anywhere, anybody could watch. 

Web Series: 

It is one of the most favorite video content on the internet that was also available on project free tv. Web series is always created targeting web-based audience. So, the people that were used to spend most of their time on the internet have great things to watch.

TV series: 

Thrifty People could easily watch their favorite tv series on project free tv. Therefore tons of popular tv series were available on it.

Though it is not available nowadays, we have tons of similar alternative sites to watch free content. In the later section, we will discuss its alternatives and how they are secure/risky for you.

How project free tv/alternative works

Project free tv was just an online search engine for video content and didn’t host the server’s videos: project free tv and its alternative sites work like a search engine works.

But though it is just like a search engine, they only provide the video link for download and fetch the video content directly from the source.

It is as simple as that they don’t have a license, so they don’t host the video content on their server.

However, it was an easy to use website, and right now, its alternatives also have easy to use features. Just visit the site and then find your movies/shows/series to watch and then start watching, that’s it!

Some alternatives like Netflix, HBO, and Disney Plus have a paid membership so that you can enjoy your popcorn seamlessly.

Some facts about watching project free tv shows

Watching it’s content is something like enjoying others’ hard work without paying them. So, sometimes in some countries, accessing this kind of content in public as well as in private is a punishable crime.

This section will discuss all about when watching this kind of free content is legal, and when it is illegal. Most importantly, free things are really free things or just spammy content all around.

When you watch free content like movies, tv shows, web series, and so on, they are just not free things. Film producers invest millions of dollars in producing films, and after launching the film, they protect it with copyright law. 

If any site publishes this movie without permission, then the site owner will be guilty, not you as an audience! So, be stress-free when you watch project-free TV content, but you may face some critical issues on the site.

Below I have tried to point out some issues and their impact on your activity.

Content restriction:  

Sites like this provides video content for free, so some copyrighted content watching in public is illegal. You can watch this kind of content in private. If you are the audience of this kind of content, then you don’t have to worry about any fine or facing any copyright issue. The things you should remember are, do not download content for redistribution on the internet, sharing on public, selling to earn money, or involving this content to any business activity. 

Country Restriction:

Some countries like Saudi Arabia strictly condemn pornography, so watching porn in Saudi Arabia is a punishable crime. Like this, other countries also have restrictions in order to access free video content. You should follow your state law to be safe other than watching its contents are completely legal until you follow the rules.

Security Issues: 

Project free tv or its alternatives are completely free, but in order to run their site, they run different ads campaign. The site owner never verifies the advertiser if they are hackers or not. So, when you enter the sites, you may see some popups telling you to install something. Never install anything from this kind of site. The software, plugins, or extension may be harmful to your computer. It also may ask you to enter your credit card information or any private info. Never ever provide them such information to be safe and secure. 


Google AdSense doesn’t support this kind of site so that they have to allow spammy ads to make some money. You will have to face spammy ads and contents all over the sites. You can’t even skip any ads, so bear in mind that it doesn’t matter how forcefully they intend to push you to a situation; never react to it. 

Questions you may have that are solved below.

Different users ask the top 5 questions all over the world in Google are answered below. 

Why is project free tv not working?

Answer: It is banned since 2015 due to serving illegal content on the internet. Serving copyright infringements content over the internet is strictly prohibited.

Is project free tv safe?

Answer: Yes, but until and unless you don’t download anything from there.

 Is project free tv legal?

Answer: It is legal to use but illegal to serve if the site owner publishes content without the content owner’s permission.

Does project free tv still work?

Answer: Since it is banned, there are tons of alternative sites available on the internet like youtube, DailyMotion, and so on.

Should I download or install anything from project free tv sites?

Answer: No, and never download or install anything from this kind of site, even you should not provide any personal or credential information to the site.

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