Out of the Box NAPLEX Prep Techniques

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Written By Sahil Kumar

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The NAPLEX exam is a test that individuals take when they are looking to become a pharmacy technician. Like many other exams, it is important to prepare for this exam so that you can maximize your chances of passing on the first attempt. Fortunately for those looking to take this exam, there are many ways to participate in effective NAPLEX prep. 

These methods of NAPLEX prep can be done alone or with others. As a result, you can prepare for this exam in a way that best suits your needs.


One of the ways in which you can prepare for the NAPLEX exam is to use test preparation books. These books allow you to learn terms as well as basic concepts. With these books, you can also take practice exams in order to get a feel for the test itself. Using these books will also give you an idea of what questions you will need to answer as well as the explanations for each answer. As a result, this is a very valuable tool to use whenever you are looking to prepare for and pass the NAPLEX exam.


Another effective way to prepare for the NAPLEX exam is to take exam preparation classes. These classes enable you to go to a classroom setting and receive instruction from another person. This instruction will help you more easily learn facts and concepts as well as the most effective ways to study for the exam. These classes also provide you with the opportunity to complete exercises to help get a better understanding of the exam content. With exam prep classes, you will be able to clarify any issues you have with the subject matter and ensure that you understand it well enough to effectively prepare for this exam.


Whenever you plan on preparing for the NAPLEX exam, it is also beneficial to participate in a study group. A study group allows you to collaborate with other people who are also preparing to take the exam. These study groups allow you to get information about the subject matter from other people who may have a firm understanding of the test content. As a result, you can receive tips and advice from members of the study group and ensure that you are making progress towards learning the content yourself.


Along with using exam preparation classes, study groups, and test preparation books, you will also need to do basic tasks each day in order to prepare for the NAPLEX exam. One of the most important tasks is to learn definitions which are basic terms pertaining to pharmacy. While preparing for this exam, you will want to make sure that you memorize and understand all of the key terms. This will help you better interpret questions as well as answer them correctly.


When preparing for this exam, you will also want to gather basic facts. These facts include information that pertains to the subject matter. For instance, knowing the proper dosage of a medication is one of the basic facts that you may need to know. By gathering important facts, you will improve your chances of passing the NAPLEX exam.


As you prepare for the NAPLEX exam, you will also benefit by learning concepts, studying for certain time periods, and also making sure that you completely grasp all of the information. With this approach, you will maximize your chances of successfully passing this exam and becoming a pharmacy technician. For those who are looking to prepare for the NAPLEX exam, following these steps is highly recommended by educators and administrators of the exam. 

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