Reviewing ChangeNOW Exchange; What So Special About it?

Cryptocurrency exchanges are essential platforms for trading digital currencies like Bitcoin, Dash, Neo, Tron, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, and more. Some of the best Bitcoin exchanges to name include Bittrex, Coinbase, Kraken, and others. However, it is being advised that whenever you proceed with trading any crypto coin, you should research a particular exchange to check whether it is suitable for you or not. Don’t make any hasty move, or else, you might face the problem of losing money. Why I am saying this because there have been past instances when users suffered financial loss due to hacking. Today, I am going to tell you about the ChangeNOW exchange in this blog. Please follow me if you want to know whether it provides security, asks about KYC, is competent enough to face its rival exchanges, etc.  

About ChangeNow Exchange

ChangeNOW is known for dealing in trading between cryptocurrencies as well as between government-issued currencies to cryptocurrencies. More than 100 coins or beyond it, can be quickly traded in this exchange by the users with ease. They don’t need to face any hassles related to the registration process or any other kind of problem. There is no limitation here. ChangeNOW is placed in Seychelles, an exotic tourist destination. 

Does It Ensure Security?

Security has been a crucial factor in exchanges. Since there have been instances of hacking in the past. A smart crypto user always seeks to find a reliable crypto exchange that provides high security. So can we expect high security from ChangeNOW exchange? The answer is YES. It is the cryptocurrency exchange that can be bet upon for trading cryptocurrencies. Although, it does perform the role of a mediator, but not permanently. 

No Storing Of Funds In ChangeNOW Exchange

ChangeNOW does not offer any provision of funds storing, neither it asks you to create an account for utilizing its services. Rather it provides a special technique of onramp option especially for traditional currency to digital currency. With the incorporation of its third-party partners, purchasing of cryptocurrencies is possible by using your plastic card money (Mastercard or VISA). 

Special Features Of ChangeNOW Exchange

To understand ChangeNOW exchange, I should let you know of its key features. As I have mentioned in the above sentences, ChangeNOW is the exchange to be bet upon because of its user-friendly features. Users here can experience good rates. You won’t be having any issues with its services, because it does not take much time. 

ChangeNOW exchange is convincing enough to drag the users’ attention for being faster. Also, there is no need for any registration or KYC process for checking. It does not fall under any custodial exchange. Users on ChangeNOW exchange are allowed to have their wallets. This is beneficial for them in keeping themselves protected from security threats. 

It won’t be wrong to include ChangeNOW in the category of best exchanges that deal in trading Bitcoin. If you don’t want to limit your choice, then there are other options available for trading major altcoins like Monero, EOS, Ethereum, and more. Apart from it, there is a possibility of trading pairs.


So this is all you need to know about ChangeNOW exchange. It is indeed a good competitor to its rival exchanges. ChangeNOW has never been supportive to exchange limits and considers it to be deformed, which is mostly true. You can swap as per your choice. It facilitates you to use your VISA or Mastercard for purchasing digital currencies. ChangeNOW excels as a faster cryptocurrency exchange with immediate swapping facilities. It has been a stellar performer in providing services to its customers. The apps and services of ChangeNOW are filled with positive feedback from customers. The Android app of this exchange has been rated top on the Play store of Google. 

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