Step By Step Guide To Make Mayo Hair Mask

Mayonnaise is a staple product in grocery lists worldwide for obvious healthy (cuisine) reasons. But did you know, mayo has cosmetic properties as well? Yes, mayo is not only edible but it also possesses hair-related benefits. A mayo hair mask is used as an alternative to chemical treatment for smooth and satin-soft strands.

The masks are known to offer a long run treatment for rough and frizzy hair. Initially, it was deemed healthy for those having curly or wavy hair. But, the added benefits of using mayonnaise masks go way deeper than that. Let’s take a closer look at the masks and how to prepare it using easily accessible kitchen ingredients.

How To Prepare Mayonnaise Masks At Home

Mayonnaise is creamy in texture and can be easily used in a hair mask. But for added benefits, people tend to blend it with other ingredients like eggs, yoghurt, lime juice, tea tree oil, olive oil etc. When mixed with these essential kitchen ingredients, a simple mayo hair mask can perform better than even the finest of chemical-based hair products.

How To Use Mayo Masks

  1. Rinse your hair with cold water and let it loose and damp.
  1. Take a cup of mayonnaise and mix the desired ingredients to prepare the mask first. Apply this mixture evenly from scalp to tip using circular motions of your fingertips.
  1. Massage your head with the mask and comb it out using a wide-tooth comb. If you have hair l fall issues, use your fingers for combing.
  1. Cover your head using the hair cap and let it be that way for half an hour.
  1. Once the mask appears slightly stiff after 20-30 minutes, take a cold shower followed by gentle shampooing. Don’t use harsh shampoos for washing your hair after applying the mask.
  1. Repeat the same regimen every weekend to see the visible change.

Benefits Of Mayo Masks

There are so many known perks of using a mayonnaise mask. While some of them are instant changes, some might take a while to appear. A mayo mask:

  1. Moisturizes And Nourishes

Mayo is primarily made up of good oils like Canola, Soyabean etc. These oils are nature’s greatest aid in keeping the moisture intact to your scalp. Moreover, the masks prepared using mayos, egg yolk, and vinegar are natural Keratin boosters which nourish the hair.

  1. Reduces Frizz And Breakage

Dry hair is more prone to breaking, split ends and dullness. As mayo provides healthy moisture and nourishment, it softens hair tips and roots as well. The softened texture doesn’t cause friction, and the chances of dizziness and brittle hair will diminish.

  1. Keeps Hair Fall In Check

The dense oil and Keratin rich mayo masks also curb excess hair loss due to damage and friction. Mayo masks soften the hair cause no interstitial breakage or split-ends. Not only the hair becomes thicker, but the scalp also remains healthy and irritant-free.

  1. Cures The Lice Problem

Mayonnaise is a thick mixture, and thus a mayo mask has the property to suffocate the head lice. Due to losing their contact with the free air, the parasitic lice would eventually die. All you need to do is comb them out after removing the mask.

Is There Any Side Effect Of Using Mayo Masks?

Mayo is a natural conditioner and so far have shown no chemical side effects. However, people who are allergic to mayonnaise and it’s ingredients like Canola, Soybean Oil, Egg Yolk etc. might find it discomforting. Additionally, there are few more things to keep in mind while using these masks.

  • The mask is already oily so using oil-based shampoos or even simple oiling might give you a sloppy look.
  • You might find the stink a bit irritating post-shower. Try shampooing your hair twice for treating the smell.
  • Mayo once dried is comparatively difficult to remove. Do not keep the mask for too long; it might dry off on your scalp, making it a task for you to separate them.


Using mayo masks have several nourishing perks that are better than a regular hair mask. You don’t even have to pay half of what you spend on chemical treatments. Give it a try once and check it out yourself. If you have doubts, you can always reach out to leading hair experts like Hairfinity.

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