Steps to Get More Twitter Followers

1. When in Doubt, Tweet More Often

Twitter requires a more aggressive content strategy compared to Facebook or Instagram.

The sweet place is between three and seven tweets a day according to CoSchedule data to maximize engagement. The “sweet spot” Some brands tweet 15 to 20 times a day, so context and competitive analysis are important.

However, given the speed with which the platform moves, companies are more likely to err on the side of posting than being booked.

It is not just your promotion that is important. The fantastic news? There are seemingly endless options for filling out your content calendar.

Your supporters’ tweets. Relevant articles in the industry. Statistics of Buzzworthy. Breaking news. Breaking news. Personal updates. Personal updates. The list continues and continues.

By adding fresh content to your Twitter feed potentials can know you are active, engaging, and worth following and you can get Twitter followers more and more.

You can regularly queue contents without having to keep tweeting in real-time with the help of social programming software. This allows you to attract new supporters 24 hours a day.

2. Time Your Tweets to Perfection

And when you talk about time, your tweets will not help you gain new supporters, while your target audience sleeps.

The brands typically experience the greatest engagement early and late afternoon during the weekdays, according to Sprout’s own research on the best times for posting on social media.

Although your time period and the public may vary, scheduling your tweets may help your account gain a much-needed level of exposure.

It doesn’t also imply sat nine hours a day before the screen to figure out how to get more Twitter followers. Brands should ideally schedule tweets to reach the times when users are more active and tweet in real-time all day long.

Don’t know when to tweet? Sprout’s ViralPost schedules your tweets automatically when your audience can see them and talk to them.

3. Post More Visual Content

Tweets that contain visual content, as you probably know, are more favourite than the ones without it, share and retweet.

Brands should therefore strive to pair their tweets with a kind of accompanying image. Although with text-based tweets alone nothing is essentially wrong, images are better equipped to stop serial scrollers and encourage them to view your post.

Even something as simple as this one from Slack can do the trick of a colourful blog post preview:

As Beardbrand shows: The combination of your tweets with GIFs or memes is now common to practise:

4. Harness Your Hashtags

Think of hashtags as a way to search your posts, almost as an SEO on Twitter.

Tweets with at least one hashtag receive 12% more commitment than those without them according to data and best practises on how to use hashtags.

Taking a few hashtags to any particular tweet is a quick way to increase the chances that new followers will find your account. Plus, it takes only a few seconds, and you can choose from many hashtags.

For example, you may use industrial hashtags, like # SEO or #contentmarketing, that are perfect for your business content. Here is a good example of a single hashtag tweet that is effective:

And here is an example of a tweet with two hashtags from the industry that do not distract you from the post’s content:

You don’t want to go overboard, the only warning with hashtags. Postings that are full of hashtags look spammy and distracting at a glance.

Moreover, spamming is not required if you know most people who follow your hashtags. You can dig deeper into the high-performance labels for your particular brand by using Twitter analysis technology.

5. Master’s degree in Tagging, Retweeting  and Answer

It does not have to be time drop to get more followers on Twitter: it simply means taking the best time you spend on the platform.

You can and should certainly plan tweets to optimise your participation. But you don’t want to like your Twitter account as if it is running entirely by bots, at the same time.

With your adherents, customers and industry leaders, you have to get into the trenches. Tagging, retweeting and answering regularly with other users immediately allows new supporters who you are humane and gets more eyes on your brand.

Let’s say you’re first responding to the tweet of another brand to try and get your attention. If you write a detailed, thoughtful response, you’ll find more prospects than a short one-word answer.

6. Optimize Your Profile for New Followers

Because up to 15% of tweets are suspected of having bots, brands must do their utmost to prove that they are human. There are a few subtle measures to make your profile more friendly for new followers, besides a diverse content strategy.

Three simple steps are required to optimise your profile:

  • A smooth photo profile. Unblocked facial photographs are ideal if you don’t use a high resistance brand logo based on the psychology of social photos.
  • The tags, keywords and location information are relevant to the industry.
  • Summarizing, your profile must be “finished” by describing what you are doing, title, businesses and where you are doing.

A personality taste. It is always a plus to let your followers feel who you are.

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