Take A Look At The Different Childcare Courses For Desired Career In Childcare

Do you like to spend time with children inexplicably? Then, why not making a lucrative career in the Australian childcare sector? To do that you must finish the right childcare course from Australia first. Different types of child care courses in Adelaide, Australia are offered to overseas students right now. Each of these courses offers a different range of skills and knowledge to the learner. So, choose a course that best suits your career profile and the skills and knowledge you wish to achieve.

An overview of the required qualifications

In a word, it can be said that childcare courses in Australia add wings to your wish to foster kids. There are different types of childcare courses in Australia which you can apply for. These include certificate 3 in childcare Adelaide and a diploma in early childhood education and care etc. Completing any of these courses will ensure a promising career for you in Australia. So, without wasting time anymore, let’s take a look at the different childcare courses offered in Australia at the moment.

Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care

This course lets you maintain a balance between the playtime and mental tasks among the children. This way you can boost up their bodies and minds reasonably. This course is basically an in-depth version of the certificate iii in childcare. The units of the diploma in childcare courses have been designed according to the National Quality and EYLF standards. After finishing this course you will learn to accompany kids of all ages according to the governmental standards.

Course Cost and Duration: You need to pay between $1500-$900 depending on your individual requirements. The duration of this course is 12-18 months.

Career Prospects

After completing the diploma in childcare course successfully you can expect to manage any of the following job roles.

  • Centre Owner
  • Childcare Centre Director
  • Education Leader
  • Supervisor/Room Leader and
  • Early Childhood Educator

Some of the top colleges and universities in Australia are offering this course to overseas learners. To manage any of the designations above, completing the diploma in early childhood education and care is imperative.

Certificate III in Childcare

This course should be completed before the Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care course. Completing this course is the minimum criterion to enter the Australian childcare Industry. Learners who wish to commence as an Assistant Educator under a registered childcare employer can apply. While studying this course you will learn to provide care to young kids, toddlers, and babies. You can also work at a childcare facility the moment you start studying this course.

Course Cost and Duration: You must pay a sum of $200-$3000 according to your pertinent academic requirements. This course requires you to dedicate a period 6-12 months for its successful completion.

Career Opportunities

As soon as you finish this course, you will become eligible for various job roles. These include the following:

  • Nanny or Babysitter
  • Family Day Care Tutor
  • Assistant Educator in long day care
  • Assistant educator in childcare centres

Is your dream to manage any of the job roles given above? Then, complete the course of certificate iii in childcare and make your dream come true.

Bachelor of Early Childhood Education

This course is a graduation level program which must be completed at a reputed Australian college/university. Apply for it if your dream is to become either a Kindergarten or Early Childhood Teacher. The whole learning process is an amazing combination of practical and theoretical evaluation. Completing this course is really beneficial for you. This is because you will attain a deep knowledge about the early years of a child. Besides, you will also grow a substantial sense of social justice towards children in general.

Course Fees and Length: You need to pay an amount between $25000-$40,000 depending on the college/university you have applied from. To complete this course successfully, you need to dedicate a period of 4 years effectively.

Career Outcomes

This is one of the finest childcare courses in the whole of Australia right now. The moment you will complete this course you will become eligible for various job roles. Some of these job opportunities can be considered below.

  • Centre Owner
  • Childcare Centre Director
  • Kindergarten Teacher or Early Childhood Teacher etc.

Rest assured that you will attain the most successful career in Australia as soon as you complete this course.

The main duties of a childcare worker

No matter which type of childcare worker you are, you need to provide care to babies, toddler and young kids. Communicating with parents, overseeing the playtime activities, making foods, changing diapers and making learning materials are all a part of this. This is basically to provide academic, intellectual, physical and social support to ensure a comprehensive development for the kids.

Final thoughts!

So, hurry! Apply for any of the childcare courses mentioned above and make a successful career in Australia’s childcare sector.

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