The benefits of using premix concrete

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Written By Sahil Kumar

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With lots of different varieties and grades of premix concrete widely available to choose from for any concrete construction project, each premix concrete is designed to match certain specific concrete use applications. Selecting the right premix concrete is crucial for the long-term success of any concrete construction project and premix concrete is one of the most popular types of concrete to utilize. 

What is premix concrete? 

Premix concrete is a specific concrete made under strictly controlled conditions in a specialized concrete mixing facility. This concrete mixing facility has computerized and automatically controlled machines that perform the entire concrete mixing process using precise amounts of aggregate and water to create the perfect premix concrete for specific concrete construction applications. 

After mixing the premixed concrete is delivered to a construction worksite using highly specialized trucks or pumping equipment that makes sure that no premix concrete is wasted and is then poured exactly where it is required on time and every time. Premix concrete is a type of concrete that is specially mixed to fit the strict concrete strength requirements of any concrete construction project. Premix concrete is the most practical option both for large or small quantities of concrete.

The qualities of premix concrete.

Premix concrete is efficient.

Traditionally the mixing of concrete is generally performed on site and consists of time-wasting physical labor, a high incidence of human error in mixing, and wastes a considerable amount of time that can adversely affect an entire construction project schedule. With the advent of efficient computerization that virtually eliminates the possibility of concrete mixing errors, premix concrete has made it easier for the concrete mixing process along with less supervision cost and large savings due to the efficient use of cement and other materials that also saves on energy and other resources.

Premix concrete ensures the highest quality concrete mixes.

The creation and the wide availability of premix concrete have led to vast improvements to the quality of concrete mixes used within the concrete construction industry. By using the latest high-tech concrete mixing equipment, each batch of premix concrete is tested to ensure that it adheres to the strength and quality standards required for a specific concrete application. 

Premix concrete virtually eliminates the manual concrete mixing process and ensures that a standard measure of concrete materials is used to completely remove inconsistencies in concrete strength quality.

The very efficiency of premix concrete makes it more eco-friendly. 

With various industries that have adversely affected the environment premix concrete, by being efficient in its manufacturing, significantly reduces dust emission along with a significant decrease in concrete manufacturing noise pollution with less wastage in concrete mixing materials. Premix concrete makes very efficient use of bulk concrete materials which helps to reduce pollution and virtually eliminates materials waste. Premix concrete also saves time spent from collecting the required concrete mixing materials and mixing them on site. Premix concrete is a highly cost-effective solution in concrete construction which helps keep the environment clean and does not affect the people and animals living near any construction site.

Premix concrete is very versatile. 

Since premix concrete is custom made to the precise specifications of a construction project this means that a specific concrete batch can be made for use in specific areas of a project. Premix concrete is a solution that suits a huge range of construction applications by providing an exact concrete mix with no waste.

Premix concrete is time-saving.

By selecting premix concrete, construction crews can avoid delays caused by the delivery of required concrete mixing materials and erecting and dismantling of any onsite concrete mixing equipment. And providing concrete on site already mixed, premix concrete lets construction crews immediately take on any construction job at hand. And regardless of the concrete order size, premix concrete is more timely and efficient for keeping construction schedules. 

Premix concrete is affordable.

Be it a residential, industrial, or public works construction it requires time, effort, and money to have any concrete mixed onsite. But with premix concrete, construction crews are free to perform other construction tasks that can be crucial to ensure that any construction project runs smoothly and on schedule. 

Premix concrete provides plenty of benefits for construction along with an increase in the lifespan of a structure. Additionally premix concrete allows a construction project to be completed much faster than delays caused by mixing concrete onsite. Contractors no longer require specific concrete mixing equipment making it a more popular choice for any construction project due to its efficiency.

No more need for storing concrete mixing materials on site.

With the amount of space eaten up on a construction site with plenty of tools, equipment, and piles of building materials and contractors require additional storage areas to store the large stocks of necessary building materials that are mixed to make concrete on the site. Premix concrete solves the storage issues by having the required concrete mixed on another site and having it delivered only when it is needed. Premix concrete saves the additional spaces in a construction site that can be utilized for some other purpose.

Because premix concrete is guaranteed to provide the required concrete strength for specific concrete construction applications along with a reliable drying time it can provide contractors with an accurate estimate of completing their construction schedules. By being specifically made to meet strict concrete strength requirements for specific applications, premix concrete allows contractors to tailor their concrete mix to their specifications. 

Premix concrete can be made specifically for use in watertight structures such as tunnels that can withstand constant water pressure and submersion in water. Premix concrete can be tailored for significant strength for use in bridges, skyscrapers, and other high-load structures that involve a lot of structural flexing and weight-bearing. Premix concrete can also be tailor-made to withstand the impact and vibrations of heavy machinery or vehicles driving across it regularly.

Being delivered on-site ready-to-use, premix concrete provides construction sites with a tailor-made and high-quality concrete, speed and efficiency in its delivery and pouring, fewer labor costs, more savings in time, less material wastage, and environmental friendliness.

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