Top 10 Ecommerce Businesses in the UK that Are Spreading Their Wings

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Written By Sahil Kumar

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Ecommerce shopping is now under the new normal after the pandemic, which forced everyone to stay indoors. Christmas shopping will now be online to a large extent and thus, e-commerce players’ bright days going forward. Their popularity is also because of the ease they provide to customers as the customers will need to place the order online, and he will receive it at his doorstep with return and refund options. 

The entire business model is convenient for the customers, and thus, they are becoming so relevant in the present context. 

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In this blog, let’s look at some of the stalwart ecommerce companies in the UK:

Amazon UK: 

Amazon needs no introduction as it is a well-established e-commerce player, who started operations in 1994 from the US as a marketplace for books. 

Today, it has a presence in every continent and operates in multiple countries. Amazon UK has an estimated number of 362 million visitors monthly and thus the highest-ranked ecommerce portal in the UK. It is on the 42nd spot in highly ranked website across the globe. 

Amazon has everything listed on their website/app from electronics to fashion, and from books to movie streaming.  

 eBay UK

The next in line is another ecommerce stalwart who also happens to be the pioneer in this business when it was unheard of in the mid-1990s. It was started in the US, now it operates in more than 20 countries, and the UK is one of their cash cows. 

The estimated number of website traffic is 255 million monthly, which goes on to show its popularity. eBay apart from others also dealt in selling cars and other vehicles and even sold a yacht worth $168 million in 2006.


It is one of the leading online retail giants in the country with over 800 shops in Ireland and the UK region. Their product portfolio is diverse and vast, with more than 60,000 products listed on its platform. 

The estimate of the monthly visits or the website traffic on this digital retailer is close to 42 million.  If you want to be the next Argos, then work on your idea to gain maximum benefits. 


Tesco is renowned in the world as it is the third-largest retailer in the world and has a gigantic status in the UK region. They have both online and offline business in most of the countries they are active in. 

Tesco offers groceries, healthcare, apparels, and domestic essentials via their brick-and-mortar stores and e-commerce website. The monthly visitors to their website are estimated to be 25 million. 


Asda has an eye-appealing website which attracts myriad visitors which is estimated to be 23.3 million monthly. They have a supermarket in the UK where they sell everything a supermarket has. Their online platform is for families catering to all their everyday needs. 

The US retail giant owns Asda Walmart, and it sells mobile phones and financial services through its ecommerce platform.      

Currys PC World

It started as a computer dealership and is now one of the largest electronic retailers in the world. The number of estimated visitors on this platform monthly today stands at close to 21.4 million. They are more into electronic products and household appliances in Ireland and the UK region. 

One of their USPs is that they provide free home delivery with another feature being of collect from the store by reserving online beforehand. What are you waiting for? Go for the funding options and start buying your favourite gadgets.   

Marks & Spencer

You must have seen the billboards flashing Marks & Spencer advertisement. This legendary brand started in clothing way back in 1884. They sell apparels and domestic products. They are predominantly into offline stores but also have now ventured in the e-commerce business by selling online through their website. 

The estimated numbers of monthly visitors are 20.7 million. The M&S Group has diversified into the Banking, Energy, and Optician business apart from its signature apparel brand. 

John Lewis & Partners

They are a diverse group consisting of high-end departmental stores which are present in Australia, Ireland, and the UK. 

The UK is its main arena with over 50 stores. They sell everything from fashion to furniture, and from electronic goods to beauty products. Their online arm is offering domestic appliances, sports gear, beauty products, and apparels. 

The estimated monthly traffic on John Lewis & Partners was 18.6 million when recorded recently. 


Gumtree is an altogether a different ecommerce platform when it comes to its offerings. They provide an online platform for buying and selling cars and real estate properties. 

It also offers a facility for job providers and job seekers to post and apply for a job in the UK. They boast of being the first online site free advertisements and classifieds in the country. 

It is a quintessential marketplace in the real sense with monthly visitors breaching the 16 million mark.   


Started in the year 2000, Asos is known to be a reputed cosmetic and fashion retailer. It has now become a credible e-commerce player in the UK market, with 13.6 million monthly website visitors. 

Their portfolio has over 800 brands in the fashion category, and it takes pride in selling to customers from 195 countries across the world. They have reached a stage where when someone thinks of millennial clothing and accessories, Asos is the foremost consideration.     

Description: This blog was written for budding entrepreneurs and shopaholics to enhance their awareness about the different e-commerce platforms available in the UK. 

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