What Action Plan Should We Use for Local Businesses?

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Every digital marketer has been talking about how Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is not the way it once was. However, there’s another true statement one doesn’t hear so often. An SEO strategy in 2020 shouldn’t be focused only on keywords. Nowadays, most of the businesses know the basic SEO concepts and the reasons they are important. 

Nonetheless, when we speak about developing or executing a good digital marketing strategy for a business, just creating content surrounding the keywords that your customers search for is not enough.

What Is SEO Strategy?

SEO strategy refers to a technique to organize the content of a website by topic, thereby helping search engines such as Google to understand the intent of a user when searching.

If you optimize a web page around these topics, followed by keywords under that topic, it is possible to increase your skill in the perception of the search engines to rank well for the long-tail keywords that are related to these topics.

Featured Snippets

Firstly, what is a snippet? It is a term used in programming. These are the microformats of small HTML patterns that signal information regarding a website to SEO crawlers. Also, in broad terms, snippets may be categorized as Paragraph Snippets, Table Snippets, and List Snippets. Usually, they are defined as the operative units for incorporating vast programming information.

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The question is how to make your content appear in Featured Snippets? Creating a rich snippet might be complicated. There are two different methods of adding Schema Markup to add rich snippets into a website page. One of these is by using a plug-in, making it an easy process. Another method is adding manually. This process might end up being complex for beginners.

Mobile Optimization

Users are increasingly turning to their mobile phones for searching online. This makes sense because smartphones are easy to carry to places. In a public place, people would want to use their phones for performing a web search.

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Follow these simple steps to make your site more mobile-friendly. First of all,  make sure that the site can adapt to any device, be it mobile or desktop. If you want to make your site mobile-adaptive, remember to scale images to make them responsive. Then, put in short, easily readable meta titles or descriptions for mobile devices. Finally, try to avoid long-form content to get better traffic as well as higher ranking.

Voice Search

Can voice search be the next big trend in SEO this year? Going by data, half of the total searches will be carried out using a voice search by 2020. Coming to millennials, this rate is a lot higher than 50%.

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Although voice recognition technology has managed to improve drastically, it continues to present results from conventional online searches. First things first, the content has to rank high in the search results page. It has been found that Google happens to source the answers of voice search from the top 3 ranked content.

We hope this article helped you realize that search engine optimization is no more optional. Although it doesn’t require too much effort to get a few basics done correctly, it might destroy the online presence of your business if you do not. It is okay if you ended up making a few SEO decisions previously that were probably not the right choices.

It is important to commit to starting today because it can take almost six months to one year to see actual results. One of the most crucial factors for local businesses is to have a local SEO checklist. This way, you can make sure that you are working in the right direction.

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