Who needs a Singapore employment pass?

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The Singapore employment pass is one of the professional work visas that the Ministry of Manpower issues to qualified foreigners. Being an E Pass holder has a lot of perks compared to those that have an S Pass Singapore visa. They can not only travel in and out of Singapore without an entry pass. They also have a higher chance of bringing their family members to Singapore through the Dependent’s Pass scheme.

However, it is important to note that not everyone will be eligible for the Singapore employment pass. That is because similar to other work passes in Singapore, there are specific jobs that are eligible for the E Pass. If the S Pass Singapore visa is for middle-skilled workers, the E Pass is for high-skilled workers. In this article, we will discuss what type of worker will need an E Pass to work in Singapore.

#1 – Managers

The first on the list are the managers. Managers need to be a Singapore employment pass holder to be able to work in Singapore. That is because managers are high-skilled professionals. They need to be a graduate of at least a four-year Bachelor’s Degree related to business management to become one. They also need to have experience in a certain field to be able to have the qualifications to manage it. Thus, being a manager is a high-skilled work that will not be eligible for the S Pass Singapore application but in the E Pass application.

Any type of manager must get a Singapore employment pass. Whether they are a manager of a restaurant, a hotel, or a corporation department, they will need the E Pass. That is why if you will apply as a manager in Singapore, you must qualify for the E Pass.

#2 – Executives

Another job eligible for the E Pass is the executives. Executives are, technically, managers however the difference is that they are managing the whole organization. They can be a sole general manager or a member of a high-level management team. Whichever is the case, they need to get an E Pass and not an S Pass Singapore visa. That is because they are high-skilled professionals similar to managers.

Furthermore, an executive has to travel around Singapore and even abroad to do business. They act as representatives of the company. It will be troublesome for foreign executives to have to apply for the entry pass every time they need to for a business trip. With the Singapore employment pass, they don’t need to get entry passes. However, it is important to note that the executive must not have ownership of the company in any type of way. That is because they will be asked to apply for the EntrePass instead. 

#3 – Professionals

Aside from high-ranking business officials, professionals are eligible for the Singapore employment pass as well. A professional is any type of specialist in a certain industry. They usually take licensure exams to be able to have the pass to practice their profession. Examples of these professionals are doctors and nurses. Teachers like college deans and professors must also get an E Pass. Engineers, lawyers, IT professionals, and so on can work in Singapore as an E Pass holder. They will not be eligible for the S Pass Singapore application since they are high-skilled workers with a complete tertiary education. Thus, it is a must that they seek professional jobs in Singapore that will help them get eligible for the E Pass.

#4 – College graduates or higher

Apart from licensure professionals, a graduate of a four-year degree in college can also be eligible for the Singapore employment pass. Besides, those who had completed a master’s degree can be eligible for the E Pass. As long as they got their degree at accredited schools and are recognized by the Ministry of Manpower, they can apply for the E Pass.

However, if the E Pass candidate doesn’t have an outstanding college degree or is from a school that isn’t widely recognized, there is a chance that he or she will not get approved for the E Pass. However, if they have relevant work experience to back up their education, they will be considered by the Ministry of Manpower. If that is not the case, they can apply for the S Pass Singapore visa instead.

Applying for work visas in Singapore may seem easy when you are reading the instructions. However, they can be difficult if we are talking about meeting the eligibility criteria. That is mostly the scenario for Singapore employment pass applicants. 

If you are looking for a sure way to get an E Pass or even an S Pass Singapore visa, you should get in touch with work visa experts. The best people to ask are the ones from work visa companies like Ren Ai Group. They know what type of candidate will pass for a certain work visa in Singapore. Furthermore, they are always updated with the rules and regulations regarding work passes. Thus, getting in touch with them will surely be beneficial for your E Pass application.

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