Why Does My Dog Poop In My Bed?

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Written By Sahil Kumar

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You can feel quite annoyed, when you come home from a long day of exhaustion. and find that your dog created a mess in your bed. Do not be angry at your dog because he is definitely not doing it on purpose just to make you annoyed. If your dog is pooping in your bed, that only means that there is something wrong. And you have to solve it.

Dogs would not cause any mess intentionally. Dogs pooping in their owner’s beds might be related to the training you have him, or there might be some medical concerns that you should attend to. 

If you regularly find your dog pooping in your bed, that is not normal behavior. Most probably your dog is sick or anxious and cannot control his poop. If that is the case, take her to the vet immediately to solve this problem right away.

Your dog might not have been taken out enough. if he regularly poops in the places that he should not poop. Make sure that you give your dog enough time every day and take him out to get things done.

Another reason might be that your dog is not properly potty trained. If you have not been able to properly train your dog not to poop in random places or in your bed, then you might need to seek professional help about this problem. 

Get An Anti Anxiety

Pooping in the bed is definitely something you would not want your dog to do. If your dog shows behavior that you do not really want him to do but he also cannot control it, it is most probably about the anxiety he is having. But do not worry because there are beds especially manufactured for canine companions such as yours.

Anti-anxiety dog beds are based upon a simple but effective idea. They are produced to make dogs feel comfortable in their beds and the idea of it makes perfect sense. Most anti-anxiety beds are covered with fluff and fur, perfect for dogs who want to feel like they are right next to their mother. 

If you found out your dog is pooping in the bed because he has anxiety, you should definitely get an anti-anxiety dog bed for him. However, this type of bed might not be suitable for puppies since they would not know what to chew or not. And trust us, anti-anxiety beds are quite destructible. 

So, anti-anxiety beds are more suitable for adult and senior dogs that show no destructive behavior towards their belongings and the environment. 

if my dog poops in my bed.

In most cases, the most common reason why a dog poops in his owner’s bed is that he is sick and cannot control his bowel movements. Pooping in bed might happen especially when your dog is suffering from diarrhea. If the poop was watery, your dog might also have parasites in his bowels.

If your dog is sick, pay the vet a visit. Because pooping in a bed is not normal behavior that you can see dogs doing often. Once the health issue of your dog is treated, this problem will most likely go away. 

It does not matter where your dog is pooping, in your bed or on the sofa. It means that something is wrong and it may be because he is not properly potty trained. So, you have to make sure that your dog needs to poop in the toilet or only when he is outside. 

To do that, you need to get your dog out in the mornings, after meals and before going to bed. This will ensure that your dog does not have anything in himself to mess the bed with. Also, you will be giving him more chances to do his poop outside.

Another method can be tried in this case. You can place your canine friend’s poo on the spot where you want him to do his business. This is a key rule to potty training for most animals because majority of pets are known to pee or poo in the place where they can smell themselves. 

Also, you can try giving your dog traits and praises when he poops in the place he is supposed to. That way, your pooch would know what to do and what to not. Training your dog in a crate might also create a big difference in terms of potty training. 

Dogs see the place they sleep as their den and they do not want to soil it. That is why dogs do not poo inside their crates and it makes the crates a wonderful tool for potty training.


The reason why your dog is pooping in your bed might be related to many issues. Your dog might be sick and old, or he might not have had proper potty training. If your dog is sick and you have not realized it yet, make sure that you take your canine friend to a vet to find out what is wrong. 

If you have a senior dog, the lack of mobility might be the reason why he is pooping in your bed. Buying an orthopedic dog bed might solve this problem since a dog bed would be a lot closer to the toilet than your own bed. 

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