Why Is Shockwave Therapy Important For ED?

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Shock wave Therapy Important For ED? For increasing blood flow and simulation in blood vessels that improve erection in men penis. A simple answer to your question “Why Is Shockwave Therapy Important For ED?”. Although, there is much more information you need to know about Shockwave Therapy’s importance For ED. 

Such as how long does shock wave therapy last, its side effects, cost, testimonials, etc. But keep in mind, low sex drive in old age is standard, but erectile dysfunction is not common at any age. However, you can consume ED medication instead of Shockwave Therapy to treat ED. 

Understand – why Is Shockwave Therapy Important For ED

What is Shockwave Therapy For ED

Shockwave Therapy scientifically refers to as LiSWT (low-intensity shockwave therapy). The process of this Therapy is also used in orthopedics to heal wounds, bones, and ligaments. Doctors also suggest ED medication to increase blood flow in men’s penis. 

But studies show that Low-energy shock wave is an effective therapy to treat erectile dysfunction in most cases. So patients who are enabled to increase erection with PDE5 inhibitors might be suggested to go for Therapy. Doctors use a shockwave device to provide low-energy sound waves on a particular muscle. 

This device place on surrounding areas in the penis for about minutes. And yes, no anesthesia is required during this process. Low-intensity sound waves influence pulse to improve blood flow and boost sexual attraction in men. This process also stimulates blood vessels, rebuilds tissue, and damaged cells. This treatment process goes a maximum of twice for three weeks, and shockwave effects last up to one year. 

Benefits of shockwave therapy

Shockwave Therapy is a much better option than other treatments. Some men don’t feel satisfying results after ED medications like sildenafil, tadalafil, vardenafil, avanafil. Moreover, most patients consider an impressive improvement in penis erection after completing an entire course of Shockwave Therapy. There are some solid testimonials or reviews available that prove the effectiveness of Shockwave Therapy.

Most popular:- European urology found that most males with vasculogenic ED experienced continued growth on their penis erection after six months of treatment. You need to know that FDA ( ) still has not approved Shockwave Therapy for ED patients. But many professionals and well-known doctors suggest this treatment as per its effective result. So make sure you consult with a good doctor before spending money on Therapy. Instead of that, you can go for ED medications that naturally boost the PDE5 enzyme to improve penis erection. But if it fails, then you can go for Therapy by consulting a doctor. 

Shock Wave Therapy For ED Side Effect

Keep in mind, low sex drive in certain situations is standard. It’s happened sometimes for anxiety, depression, lack of sleep, drugs, smoking, alcohol, etc. But continuous lack of erection for a long time may be needed to treat. 

If you are sure about your low sex drive that creates problems in your sexual life, you can go for Therapy. Although, don’t forget to go through the ED medication process. Suppose your problem ends medicinally.

These all are conditions or awareness before going for Shockwave Therapy. Don’t forget, the FDA doesn’t approve this treatment, and still, there needs some more research about this. But if you trust your doctor and feel Therapy is essential for you, then welcome. 

Every treatment has some advantages and side effects. So Shockwave Therapy is also the same. However, some possible side effects from ED therapy are. Lifestyle changes. Quitting smoking, changing your diet, and getting enough exercise may help combat ED.

  • Bleeding under the skin of your penile
  • blood urine
  • skin infection
  • painful erection for a long time
  • pain or difficulty during sex

Keep in mind. The side effects are not guaranteed or confirmed as it’s a new treatment process. 

Treatment for ED at home 

If you confirm about your low sex drive or sexual difficulty, that does; ‘t ends. Then consult with your doctor. Who guides you with some following process that you pursue at home.

  • Changes like quite drugs, alcohol, and other bad habits
  • Consume more healthy foods, vegetables, and sex improving herbs
  • Consult and intake ED medications like sildenafil (Viagra) and tadalafil (Cialis)

And don’t forget to check if you have any other serious health problems. Such as cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, and diabetes. These are possible health damages that affect ED. 


I hope now you know Why Is Shockwave Therapy Important For ED. Keep in mind, Shockwave Therapy is a new treatment and not approved by the FDA. So before making any therapy decision, please consult a doctor.

 It must. Otherwise, you may suffer from various other diseases. But if you want to play safe, then try ED medications. Which also work to treat low sex drive in men and female. If PDE5 inhibitors are not working, then follow this last option, Shockwave Therapy.

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