With Climate Change, You May Need A Shelter At Home

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Written By Sahil Kumar

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The increase in the average temperature of the globe is already affecting people over the world. Not only the sea levels are rising, but also natural disasters are now occurring more recurrently and intensely. From tsunamis to cyclones, the earth seems to be responding to the human increase in carbon dioxide emissions worldwide. Among the most affected territories in the continent is the so-called Tornado Alley. From northern Texas to the eastern part of South Dakota, the intensity of tornado storms has grown year by year. If you happen to live in this area, you might have noticed this new reality. Therefore this article would be very beneficial for you since we will give you some advice about the best shelter options. There are many kinds of Home Safe Room & Shelters available in the market. We recommend buying the one that most accommodates your family’s needs and means.

In the first place, we recommend using your home basement as a refugee for high-speed winds. However, most of the suburban homes located in the Tornado Alley do not have a basement due to the rocky terrain and the underground water rives common in some areas. Moreover, the few cellars existing in the area do not meet the requirement to be windproof. Therefore, in those cases, it is recommendable to use above-ground Home Safe Room & Shelters.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has issued general guidelines to the construction of safe rooms across the United States. When followed these guidelines, the saferooms could withstand wind for over 250 miles per hour, more than an EF-5 Tornado. These shelters are typically built using steel and fiberglass, which are material known for its resistance against wind. A prebuild home safe room of eight x eight feet is projected to cost six thousand (6000) to 8500 eight thousand five hundred (8500) American dollars. This is nothing next to the tranquility and safeness of your family. There is no Federal office commissioned for overseeing the construction of these shelters. Thus you ought to be a good consumer and do your research before buying the prefabricated option.

Another point in favor of these shelters in their versatility. These structures can be located anywhere and could accommodate as much stuff as wanted. However, experts recommend these shelters to be located quickly to reach by all the family members. Moreover, this shelter can be used throughout the year as extra storage. Also, as saferoom to protect your family against criminal entering into your property.

According to TexasTech at the university in Lubbock, these structures are better located in the closet or garages. Remember, these constructions need of layer of concrete to be firmly attached to the ground. The same study affirmed that is you have a walk-out basement; it would be recommendable to reinforced to locate a shelter inside the cellar to guarantee maximum security.

Lastly, the government both at the Federal and State level have a program for homeowners to facilitate the acquisition of home shelters. For instance, the State of Oklahoma has a program named SoonerSafe that’s cover up to 75% of the Home Safe Room & Shelters cost. Similar programs can be found across the tornado alley and have proven beneficial to increase the usage of this structure and save lives all across America.

All in all, as climate changes due to global warming, it is more likely to experience more intense natural disasters. Fortunately, engineers have developed the answer by designing highspeed-wind-resistant shelters. Therefore it is time to take advantage of the options available in the market to protect your family.        

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