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Are you planning a holiday trip to Colombia? Here are things you need to know


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Holiday trips are always exciting and fun when you have your family or friends joining you on the trip. If Colombia happens to be your next holiday destination after the deadly coronavirus is gone, then here is your quick checklist of points that you need to keep in your mind before heading on to the trip.

1. The streets in Colombia are unpredictable 

The streets of the places in Colombia are unpredictable. You won’t believe it but at some places, even the parts of a footpath are missing in some streets. Suddenly, there will be a big hole on the road and here I am talking about the big cities of Colombia.

Therefore, it would be better if you watch the path, the roads carefully while walking on the streets.

Additionally, if you are someone who needs to have wheelchair to roam around the places, then there is a drawback – Colombia is not much wheelchair friendly. Look around while crossing the road.

2. The food here is lovely

This is one of the best things about Colombia. The food here is delicious and satisfying to the foodie souls. At some point, you might feel that the food here is different from your routine diet, but trust me, once you try it to at least 2-3 times, you would start loving it.

A thing about Colombian food is that most of the things are fried. Therefore, if you are someone who loves fried stuff, then you will surely like the food here. For those who don’t really like fried food items, there are chances that you might end wasting your time in search of restaurant where you could eat the food of your choice, and in the end, eating something you do not like.

3. Not English, but Spanish will help you a lot here  

As a matter of fact, Colombians love Spanish more than they love English. Well, it is not really about love, the fact is that Spanish is the widely spoken language in Colombia, and not English.

People who visit Colombia for the first time are literally shocked to see that no one ever talks in English here.  

Most of the people recommend that you must learn basic Spanish if you are planning a trip to Colombia.

4. People of Colombia are beautiful inside out

Most of the people who have visited Colombia even once, have said that the people there are very friendly and loving. Only language is one of the barriers for people who cannot speak Spanish.

When you couldn’t locate a place or if you find yourself lost on the streets, ask anyone for help on the street and they will instantly come to your rescue.   

If someone you asked for help couldn’t solve your problem, he or she will ask others or any friend to solve your problem, that’s the kind of sweetness you can see there in Colombia.

5. Don’t misjudge the place, it’s no more cheap 

If you go with a couple of decades old information about Colombia, you will find it affordable or cheap at some point. But that’s not the scene now! Colombia is no longer cheap especially if you are a traveller.

Let me tell you that the bus fares are expensive. The food and hotels are affordable, but surprisingly, you may feel that you have spent more than you would have expected for this trip.

6. Keep yourself loaded with cash 

Since you are a tourist, you must know that you need physical cash with yourself in Colombia. Your credit cards won’t help you buy or make much of the transactions. Therefore, cash is very important here. Expensive or high standard hotels will let you use credit cards or make cashless transactions. 

However, you won’t be able to use your credit cards at most of the places.

That’s it! You will have a great experience, just keep the above points in your mind and you are good to go.


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