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Why websites like 123movies are so popular?


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As we all know that technology is rapidly changing the way how we gather and make use of the information and data. A lot of things have changed over the years and one such thing is the shift of viewers from cable television to online streaming websites and platforms like 123movies

One of the most common reasons for this shift is the cost that incurs for a cable connection is more than a hundred dollars per month as compared to just around ten dollars per month. Therefore, the cost of subscription plays an important role apart from to content on such platforms, in manipulating the costumers behaviour. No wonder why, platforms like 123movies, Netflix and Amazon prime are so popular these days.   

With so many perks in the package, online streaming websites and platforms are expected to continue there successful run in the market and attract more customers to their already huge viewers base. 

That’s why most of the cable operators have understood that it is clear that if they don’t provide more affordable services then the era of cable television business will soon come to an end.

With that said, let’s look at some of the primary reasons why online video streaming platforms and websites are flourishing.  

Watch it anywhere anytime with websites

The first one in the line up is surely something that most of you will agree with it. Here’s the thing, literally no one likes to follow a schedule when it comes to watching their favourite series or any other movie

While you have to watch a tv series at specific time when you are watching it on your TV, on the other hand, you can watch your favourite shows at any time on the online platform. 

Therefore, this facility allows the user to watch their favourite content at anytime, doesn’t matter whether they traveling, or waiting at the shopping complex for their taxi or during their short break at the office. 

Only pay for what you watch

Next up is another important point as these websites and platforms allows the user to not pay any amount of money for the content they would not like to watch or simply which they don’t watch throughout the month. Hence, this feature reduces the already affordable cost of subscriptions for these platforms.  

It understands your choice and preferences

The best part about these websites is that they make relevant recommendations according to the viewing habits of the user. Therefore, the user is able to find more related content of his choice from the content library. These websites try to understand the customer’s choice and preferences and then suggest suitable content. 

It’s highly popular among today’s generation

More than older generation, today’s generation is more likely to get attracted towards these streaming platforms. As the content of these websites is more relatable and fresh as compared to Television serials. Many reports and survey suggests that more than seventy percent of the kids nowadays watch the content on such streaming platforms and websites rather than watching cable TV serials. 

Money matters

Well, yes! As a user, you would always want to get something that gives you good content at a reasonable rate. It is true that the above points are imperative while considering the whole thing, but let’s just be honest, in the end it all comes to the money that we are going to spend on a service.

So, what would you prefer, cable TV or online streaming websites?


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