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Ways to measure employee satisfaction


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When you run a company with a group of employees, one of your most important responsibilities involves keeping them as happy as possible. Otherwise, there is every chance that they will simply start looking for new jobs elsewhere. Worse still, there is the potential that they will work for you but not give their all, which means that your business’s overall performance will be impacted. 

So, you need to start measuring employee satisfaction to see exactly how well you are doing. There are several different measuring systems that you have the options to implement. It is worth having a decent overview of several of them as this will help ensure that you can employ several different systems and decide which ones will be most effective for your company. 

Staff surveys 

When it comes to measuring the satisfaction of employees, perhaps the system of measurement that people will go to first and foremost is a staff survey. It is certainly going to be worth looking into employee survey software from inpulse.com. At the same time, you also need to think closely about the exact wording of the questions you will be asking and how you can elicit the best answers from your staff members so you can get the broadest insights from everyone. It will also be worth deciding who will analyze the data and the sorts of responses that will be taken at the end of it all. Beyond this, you also need to consider giving the responses a cloak of anonymity as this makes it more likely that people are going to respond honestly rather than simply saying what they believe that their boss wants to hear. 

Have regular 1-to-1 meetings 

A big part of measuring employee satisfaction certainly comes down to the close relationships that managers have with their individual staff members. This often will come in the form of the 1-to-1 meetings as it is often much harder for people to feel comfortable speaking up if they are in a group environment than when you speak to a manager on an individual level. The nature of these meetings needs to be made clear, and revealing the identities of those who said what will often not be okay. However, keeping track of the general themes of the meetings can prove to be more than worthwhile.

Allow for open suggestions 

The old-fashioned notion of an employee suggestion box is also one that can be valuable in so many different ways. Ultimately, it means that staff members will be able to put forward their individual points of view or ideas without fear of any type of reproachment or worries that they will be identified and shamed for their views. 

All of these are among the different means and methods that you have available to ensure that you are measuring employee satisfaction and getting the most out of it. This way, you can keep hold of staff members for longer and have them working at 100%.


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